Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday June 21

My mom, Jon and Michelle went home today.  We were very sad to see them go, but we were glad that got to come and spend the week with us here in beautiful sunny Costa Rica.  Kirt and I dropped them off at the airport and then we all went to Playa Hermosa this afternoon and swam.  Tanner loved the bigger waves.  They all had fun playing in the sand. 

Wednesday June 20

We went zip lining today!!  My kids were so excited, especially Garret.  After that we went to Playa Conchal.  It is a beach made of crushed up sea shells.  Then we came home and went to the beach.
All of us in our gear 

  On one of the zip line platforms
 Grammy.  She was so scared, but she was brave and ended up loving it.
 Katie going superman style.  Both Katie and Tanner tried it this way.
 Kirt going upside down (sort of) with the help of one of our guides
 Garret.  After the 1st run he loved it and is begging to go again.  We hooked him up and pushed him off before he had time to be scared.  
Michelle upside down.  Jon, Tanner and I also went upside but her picture turned out the best.
 You can't really tell here but this is the beach made entirely out of crushed up sea shells.

Tanner climbing a tree at Conchal beach.
Ocotal beach in the late afternoon.  The tide was very high.

Tuesday June 19

We had a catch up day this morning.  We did laundry and unpacked our suitcases since we will be here for the next 2+ weeks.  Kirt worked a little too.  In the afternoon, the adults went to the nearest town of Coco and did some souvenir shopping.  My mom watched this kids in the evening so Kirt and I and Jon and Michelle could go to dinner.
Kirt's view of the ocean from where he was working on the patio.
Cute town of Coco where we went souvenir shopping.
Beach that we had dinner on.  We got to watch the sun set.

The racoons kept coming up to our table while we were eating.  They would get up on there hind legs like this.  They also tried to climb up on the chairs and table.  

Monday June 18

 We got up and drove to Ocotal which is out on the Guanacaste peninsula.  We are staying in a house out there for the rest of our trip.  I am so glad we will not be packing up our suitcases and moving anymore until we are going home.  It was a long 4 hour drive, but we made it!
Our Costa Rica home.  We had the top floor and there were studio apartments on the bottom floor.  
View from our house in Ocotal Costa Rica.  

Ocotal beach.  It is a beautiful black sand beach.
 Kids don't want to pose for this picture because they are so excited to go swimming in the ocean for the 1st time this trip.
 Just in case you didn't believe me that it was a black sand beach.  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday June 17

Today we got to go to La Paz Waterfall Garden.  Not only are there 3 incredible waterfalls at this place, but also birds, butterflies, monkeys, hummingbirds, large cats, frogs, and snakes that are all found in Costa Rica.  We also went and meet Monsop and his family.  When Kirt was on his mission here he went on splits with Monsop all the time.  Monsop was dating a girl that his mom didn't like so she locked him in his room and told him that he could only come out for school and church and to go on splits with the missionaries.  So needless to say, he went on splits with the missionaries a lot.  Then we went and had dinner with Marielos, a sister that cooked dinner for the missionaries when Kirt was on his mission.  
 Katie and Tanner holding a toucan.  

 Scarlet Macaws
Blue morpho butterfly
Army frogs
 Garret and the Leopard 
Tanner, Katie, and Garret riding in an ox cart
 Katie and Garret getting ready to hike to the waterfalls
Beautiful hike to the waterfalls
Poor man's umbrella

 1st waterfall
2nd waterfall
 3rd waterfall

 Monsop and his sister.  She was on a mission in Costa Rica when Kirt was there on his mission.
 This is a house that Kirt lived in on his mission.  Well actually it was the house he thought he lived in on his mission.  Marielos said that he actually lived in the house that was next door to this house, but that the house next door looked very different from when Kirt lived there and that it used to look a lot more like this house.  

Saturday June 16

We hiked to a waterfall just outside of La Fortuna today in the morning.  In the evening we went to Tabacon Hot Springs-one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The hot springs are heated by the Arenal volcano and the gardens are gorgeous. 
 La Fortuna waterfall

 Swimming in the pool at the base of the waterfall
 Everyone in the hot springs.  It was dark and steamy so the pictures didn't turn out so well.

 A very cool tree in the gardens at the hot springs.  The roots are above ground
 Arenal Volcano