Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, June 29, 2018

Christensen Family Pictures 2018

Kim took our family pictures at the family reunion in Mink Creek. The scary mannequin head made it into this picture.  Plus Kim cropped in everyone's best facial expressions:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Christensen Family Reunion in Mink Creek

We were all loaded up for vacation and right after we dropped Tanner off at the airport to go on his mission, we headed to Mink Creek for the Christensen Family Reunion.  (I cried most of the car ride down.) Everyone was there but the 3 missionaries (Brooke, Cayden and Tanner), and Nicole and her family.  We had lots of fun. We played lots of board games, volleyball, and had lots of fun with cousins.  On Thursday we went to Minnetonka cave, Friday floated down the river and got a bouncy water slide, and  Saturday went to Lava Hot Springs.
 Picture of the house with the drone
 Mink Creek
 Minnetonka Cave

Floating down the river
 Bouncy water slide

 Kirt and Garret went on a Napoleon Dynamite self guided tour in Preston.  This is Napoleon's house.

 Rex Kwon Do

 Tether ball!
 Lava Hot Springs

There was a 5 meter (16ft), 7.5 meter (25ft), and 10 meter (33ft) platform diving boards.  Garret really wanted to go off the 10 meter one, but the people that worked there said that it wasn't recommended for people who are still growing to go off the 2 higher ones.  They said it can mess up your growth plates.  So I told Garret he could only go off the 5 meter one.  I went off it, and it was plenty high for me.

The kids found this creepy doll head in the basement of the house.  It had BB's in it. It must have been used as target practice at some point.  I had left my sweatshirt outside and I found it like this later.  I sent Tanner a picture of it and told him that it was his new super fan.
Roasting marshmallows.  I was not out there to supervise and Garret told me that he had 5 s'mores.

Tanner Leaves on His Mission

I think this has been the hardest day of my life ever.  I want Tanner to go on his mission, but I don't want him to go a the same time.  I'm going to miss him so much.  I am so proud of him for being willing to serve a mission.  
 Grammy came over before we left and brought Tanner some cinnamon rolls

I tried to not cry, but as you can see, I didn't do very well.  Bye Tanner. See you in 2 years.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Tanner's Farewell Party

Sunday evening before Tanner left, we had a get together in our backyard so people could come and say goodbye to Tanner and wish him luck on his mission.  There were so many people to came to show Tanner their love and support.
 Michelle made cupcakes like the Argentine flag
Auston loves Tanner
Starting with Tanner and going clockwise-?, Logan Dreher, Cam Cavanaugh, Brady Brinkman, Gage Hardy, Boston Tacke, Tate O' Kert.
Max Skidmore, Tanner, Cody Walcott, Justin Osborn, Sean Mortensen, Hunter Crandall, Fraiser Robertson, ?
Jacey Ramelow
Camryn Cicchetti

This was actually taken a few nights before at Hunter's graduation party.  The last time Camille was taller than Tanner was probably the day that they walked to school when Camille was in 3rd grade and Tanner was in Kindergarten.
  This was at Hunter's grad party too.  Hunter, Tanner, and Max. Neighbors, fellow priests and friends.
Taken the Sunday Tanner spoke. 3 friends and fellow priests.  All leaving soon on their mission. Isaiah Page to Brazil, Tanner to Argentina and Hunter Crandall to the Philippines.
Hunter Crandall, Julius Page, Isaiah Page, Tanner, Moses Page