Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

First day of school 2017

My kids are all the oldest at their schools this year.  And yes I am shedding many tears sending Tanner off to his last 1st day of school while living under my roof.

 Katie is a 8th grader at Horizon Middle School

 Garret is a 5th grader at Chester Elementary. 

Tanner is a senior at University High School.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Kirt's Grandma York's funeral

Kirt went down to Utah for his Grandma York's funeral.
 They didn't have the car he rented so they upgraded him to this sweet Corvette.
Lacey and Mark gave Kirt what they thought was a twin blow up mattress.  Turns out it was actually a crib mattress. Kirt said he slept just fine on it.

Get Air

We had to play one more day before school started.  We went to the trampoline park Get Air.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Summer fun at the lake 2017

 Garret learning to wake surf

 The youth playing a game called The Weasel
The YM were in charge of cooking dinner
Youth boating day
More youth boating
 Wouldn't be the lake without card games
 Katie learning to wake surf
 Tanner showing off his muscles
 Jon, Nixon, Sadie and Ike spent the night with us at the lake. Michelle and Scarlett went home to sleep in their own beds. In the morning before they came back, we (along with Garret) went for a hike.  I tricked them and told them it wasn't far to the top of the mountain.  They made it even though it was steep and were glad they did because there was an awesome view of the lake from the top.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

University of Idaho Visit

We got a chance to go down to the University of Idaho with Tanner on a recruiting visit.  It was so cool! They offered him a full ride scholarship plus room, board and books to play Division I basketball.  They rolled out the red carpet. We are so proud of you Tanner.
 Garret lounging on Coach Verlin's couch.

 Tanner getting measured-6'10"
 Tanner was excited because the players can drink all the chocolate milk they want after they lift weights
 New $300,000 weight room for the athletes
 We got a guided tour of campus by coach Murphy and we got to ride in the golf cart. This was Katie and Garret's favorite part.
 The Memorial Gym. It was like walking back in time.  It looked like the Hooser's gym.  Luckily they are getting a brand new gym in 2020!
 We got to watch the players scrimmage while we were there and Tanner got to play with them.

 One of the point guards, Victor Sanders, played one-on-one with Garret after the scrimmage.
Tanner and Scot Blakney, freshman big-man for Idaho. 
 Kirt and Austin Rehkow. Austin is a YM from our stake who played football at the U of I.
Katie and Garret on the Kibbie Dome Field
We got to stay for a football game

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Museum of Flight in Seattle

Tanner and I went to the Museum of Flight in between our visit to Seattle University and Seattle Pacific
 Replica of the Kitty Hawk flown by the Wright Brothers

 Plane flown by Linda Finch who recreated Amelia Earhart's last flight
 Space shuttle
 Inside the space shuttle

 The 1st Air Force One
The Concorde