Tuesday, March 18, 2014

School Pictures

8th grade picture
 4th grade picture
 1st grade picture

Katie's cabbage

At the end of 3rd grade, Katie came home with a cabbage.  She said that we needed to plant it and grow it over the summer and then at the beginning of 4th grade we needed to pick it and weigh it.  The person with the largest cabbage would be entered into a state wide competition.  Her cabbage grew really big.  It weighed 27lbs.  Unfortunately someone else's weighed 31lbs.  Katie's might have weighed more, but some kind of animal started munching on it.

1st day of school 2013

Tanner's 1st day of 8th grade

 Garret's 1st day of 1st grade.  His teacher is Mrs. Snider.

Katie's 1st day of 4th grade.  Her teacher is Mrs. Hurst.

4th annual Labor Day Camping Trip at Camp Naborlee

We went camping over Labor Day with the Clark and Skidmore family.  The Longhurst family also joined us for Saturday and Sunday (we were there Friday-Monday).   We spent lots of time at the beach and boating, eating and playing games.
 When we got there, Garret must have been really tired because he curled up on our cooler and feel asleep.
Katie perfecting her wakeboarding.  She thinks she is better than me now.
 Tanner learned to solomon ski.  He was awesome.
 Playing Werewolves
  On Sunday afternoon we went to the historical Fort Spokane.  Shane and Garret wearing uniforms that the soldiers at Fort Spokane wore.  
 Garret in jail at the Fort.
One of the guides at the Fort showed us a bunch of different furs.
Nap time!

Silverwood 2013

If the kids read 600 minutes in the spring, they can earn free tickets to the amusement park Silverwood. We always seem to get to the end of the summer and have still not managed to find a time to get there.  This year, we had one day left that we could work it in to our schedules and Kirt couldn't go so I took the kids myself.  We had lots of fun.  Garret was so brave and went on most of the roller coasts and tons of rides.  We also had lots of fun at the water park even though it wasn't very warm.

 The 1st ride Garret and I went on was the Panic Plunge.  It goes slowly way up in the air and the drops straight down in a free fall for about 5 seconds.  It scared me to death and I was afraid that I had ruined Garret for the whole day and that he would be too scared to go on anything else, but he loved it.

 Katie and Tanner went on this new ride called the Spin Cycle.  They have been watching commercials about it all year and were so excited to go on it.  I think they are crazy.

 I made everyone go on the Dumbo ride.

Bonnie Lake Campout and High Adventure

Bonnie Lake Campout with the Deacons.  Reese Strom, Max Clark, Adain Lowe, and Tanner

 High Adventure 2013.  Since Tanner was already done with his eagle (and probably because his dad was the YM president) they let him go on the high adventure with the teachers and priests even though he was only 13.  They went rock climbing and rappelling, shooting, canoeing down the Spokane River (one of the YM deleted all the pictures of canoeing off of our camera), hiking at Turnbull Wildlife Refuge, and boating on Williams lake.

 Max Clark, Richard Hawkins, Jeremy Percival, Joe Hawkins, Alex Poulsen, Tanner, Nathan Braas

Summer Fun

The kids were trying to get Katie on Tanner's shoulders and Garret on Katie's shoulders.  Max Skidmore was being a good sport and trying to help.

 The kids and I floated down the Spokane River.  It was quite and adventure.  First off the pump that I had brought would not work to blow up the tubes, so Kirt went down the gas station a mile away and pumped them up and then begged a ride from some people with a truck to bring them back.  2nd, the river was so slow this time of year that it took forever to float down.  We put in at Barker and were going to float to Mirabeau Park.  We had already been floating for over 3 hours when we got to Sullivan so we got out there and asked some nice people if we could use their cell phone to call Kirt to come rescue us.  Plus about half was down the sun went behind the clouds and it got cold.  Next time, I will be more prepared and I won't go without Kirt.