Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Oh how they grow

We did our back to school measurements a few days ago and here's how the kids measure out
Tanner 5'2" and a half (don't forget the halves, they are very important) Katie 4' and a half inches Garret 3' and a half inches. They are growing up so quickly.

Garret's 1st day of school

Garret is going to a 2 year old preschool that a friend of mine is doing. Aren't I a great mom, sending my 2 year old to school? I hope he does OK. I left him screaming and crying at the top of his lungs today for his 1st day. His teacher said he settled right down and had a great day. The picture in the brown shirt was him on Katie and Tanner's 1st day of school because his 1st day was not until 2 days later.

The famous in front of the school picture

Tanner's 1st day of 4th grade

Tanner was very glad to get the same teacher this year as he had in 2nd grade, Mr. Warner. He was also very excited to have two of his good friends in his class this year. He didn't have any friends in his class last year. He is also in a 3/4 combo class. There are 12 4th graders and 8 3rd graders. We got to school and took the picture of him and Katie in front of the school sign and then he disappeared without even a goodbye. I guess that is what happens when they grow up. I was tempted to go and find him on the playground and give him a big hug and tell him I would miss him, but I didn't want to scar him for life.

Katie's 1st day of school

Katie was so excited for her 1st day of kindergarten. Her teacher is Mrs. Helma.

Katie's 1st soccer practice and game

Katie is playing soccer this year. She is so excited. And of course, she had to get a new soccer outfit. I really think she should have been Jessy's daughter. She reminds me so much of her.

Garret being Garret

Garret just posing for us in the grass.

Katie's tree climbing

Katie loves to climb the tree in our front yard. She wanted me to take her picture in the tree.

Garret dresses himself

Earlier this summer, Garret brought me this outfit and wanted me to dress him in it. He has quite the fashion sense doesn't he.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Garret "Wakeboards"