Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Lake Time

On Wednesday it was the perfect lake day.  It was 90 degrees and there was no wind and the lake was completely smooth and no one was there.  Michelle and I had a great day at the lake.  We went back out Thursday and it was just the opposite.  It was only 75 degrees and cloudy and windy.  The kids still had fun, but I definitely didn't get in the water.  Michelle, Scarlett, Katie, and I did kayak and paddle board across the lake. Michelle's friend Jenny Raker and her kids came out.  I felt bad that the weather was so bad.  On Friday, Kirt and Garret went up in the afternoon.  I was working day shift and Katie was babysitting for Cam and Rachelle.  The boys went for a 4 wheeler ride and found the spot in the mountains where you can see both Spirit Lake and Twin Lakes at the same time.  They went to dinner at The Boar's Nest Restaurant and played pool afterwards. Saturday Katie, Olivia Tolley and I came up to the lake.  We got the yard work done.  The Crandall's and the Javier's came up and joined us as well as Jon, Michelle and the kids. Katie and Brent, Michelle's sister and her husband, came too. It was another great day at the lake.  Katie and Olivia kayaked across the lake. They took their lunches to eat on the far side of the lake.  Kirt took a group wake boarding.  We love the lake!

 4 wheeling

 Dinner at The Boar's Nest Restaurant 

 Playing pool after dinner

 Kirt and Garret saw this guy trying to turn is ultralight into a float plane.  He attached his ultralight to a raft and was trying to take off from the water.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Silverwood 2019

Another year at Silverwood in the books.  We went with Michelle and the kids again.  We were all sporting our tie dye shirts (except for Katie who didn't want to wear hers so she took the picture). In the morning, Katie, Garret, and Nixon went and did the big rides while Michelle and I took Sadie, Ike, and Scarlett to the kiddie rides.  Then we met up for lunch.  After lunch we went to Boulder Beach and played in the water.  Then we had dinner and went back to the rides. We split up and Michelle took her kids on the kiddie rides and I went and watched Garret and Katie on the big rides.  Garret was like a kid in the candy shop.  He runs from one ride to the next.  We stayed until the park closed so Garret could get as many rides in as possible. We went and stayed the night at the trailer in Spirit Lake afterwards. 

 Katie and Nixon on Tremors
 Scarlett LOVED the plane ride
 Scarlett and I on Barnstormer
 Garret on the Dumbo ride

 Katie, Saide, Me, Garret, and Nixon did Panic Plunge together.  I of course screamed all the way down.
 Only picture we got at the water park
 Garret doing the 3 point shoot out. He was trying to get 11 points so he could win a jersey.  He got 8 which was the high point record for the day and won a Gonzaga basketball. 

 Spin Cycle

 Eating Dipping Dots
 Panic Plunge again

 Log Ride
 Katie and I hanging out while Garret did some last minute rides
 A lady in a power scooter dropped this.  We tried to chase her but she was too fast and didn't hear us yelling for her to stop.  We watched for her the rest of the night and couldn't find her, so Katie got to keep it.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Katie Babysits

Katie babysat for Jon and Michelle.  The kids had a lot of fun jumping on the trampoline and taking pictures of their very staticy hair.

Friday, August 23, 2019

4 Wheeler Ride

Kirt and I went for a 4 wheeler ride when we were up at the lake on Friday.  We rode up to a bridge that crosses Brickel Creek. 

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Backpacking Trip to Hunt Lake

Kirt wanted to take the kids on a backpacking trip to Hunt Lake.  It is on the east side of Priest Lake.  They left Thursday afternoon.  They drove up and looked and looked and were not able to find the trial head. So they ended up camping at the campground at Indian Creek on Priest Lake.  In the morning they got up and with the help of a park ranger were able to find the trial head.  They hiked up to Hunt Lake.  It is a 2 mile hike that is straight up over a field of boulders.  Garret went swimming in the lake in his underwear (and then free balled it on the hike back down). They drove back to Spirit Lake and met me and Michelle and the kids there and spent the rest of Friday at the lake.

 Garret and Kirt slept out under the stars on a tarp instead of the tent. Katie slept in the tent by himself.

 The boulder field

 It was a very narrow road to the trial head