Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Monday, March 30, 2020

Welcome Home Tanner

Tanner made it home from his mission!! We are so excited to have him home.  He is home 2 months early because of the Coronavirus.  His release date was June 2nd.  He is a little sad to have to come home early, but he is so glad to be out of quarantine.  He was getting so bored staying in his apartment and it was only for a week.  The church charted planes to get them home.  The plane went from Argentina directly to Salt Lake.  It was a 12 hour flight.  When he got to Salt Lake, he was supposed to catch a flight to Spokane that night at 10:15pm.  Unfortunately that flight got canceled.  Luckily, Michelle's dad Scott, was working that day and he helped Tanner get rebooked on a flight from Salt Lake to Pasco.  He even went and found Tanner's bags and retagged them so they would go to Pasco and not Spokane.  We were so grateful for Scott!!  We had to drive down to Pasco to pick Tanner up, but it was worth it to see him.  That first hug was the best hug ever!

 Katie's sign
 Garret's sign 
 My sign
 Grammy and Pompa's sign

 We stopped at Zips on the way home.  Tanner really wanted DQ, but there wasn't one on the way.  Zips was a good 2nd best.  

 Grammy and Pompa came over at 11:30pm when we got home from Pasco to say welcome home to Tanner.  

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Jon's 39th Birthday

We had Jon's birthday cheesecake in their garage hoping that there were less germs out there and so that we could stay at least 6 feet away. 

Goodbye Lorena

Katie's friend Lorena Diaz-Flores, who is a foreign exchange student from Spain, had to go home unexpectedly because of the Coronavirus.  Katie went to say goodbye to her and snuck in an illegal hug. (They are definitely not practicing social distancing and staying 6 feet away.)

Last Dinner Before Tanner Comes Home

Tanner is coming home tomorrow! We are so excited! (On a side note, I have had more time to cook dinner since we don't really have much else to do during the quarantine, and Kirt and the kids are really enjoying it.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Last Day of Skiing for the Year

Since we don't have school, Kirt and Garret decided to go skiing.  The mountain still had lots of snow.  Unfortunately, the ski mountains were shut down at the end of the day today because of the Coronavirus.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hikes for the Week

Quarantine week 2
Since hiking is one of the only activities that we can do outside of the house while the quarantine is on, we have been hiking a lot.

Monday Katie and I went for a walk around the golf course.  This is the Chester Creek that Garret went swimming in last week.  
Tuesday Katie and Garret went hiking with Grammy in Dishman Hills.
 Wednesday Katie and I went hiking with Grammy in Dishman Hills (Garret was skiing with Kirt).
 Thursday Katie, Garret, and I went hiking with Grammy at the Saltese Uplands Trails. It has a really cool view of the Saltese Falts and Liberty Lake.

 On Saturday Kirt, Katie, Garret, and I went hiking with Grammy at Stevens Creek.  The kids love to climb the Rocks of Sharon. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Grammy and Pompa Are Home!

Grammy and Pompa made it back to Spokane from their mission in New York.  They had to cut their mission about 3 1/2 months short because of the Coronavirus.  They were really sad that they had to come home early.  They are staying in an apartment above a garage at Megan and Garret Guinn's house.  (They are a family in our ward that is graciously letting Grammy and Pompa rent their apartment until they find somewhere to live.)  We are excited to have them back in Spokane.  Too bad we can't really spend any time with them because we are all in quarantine.  

Palouse Falls

We went to the Palouse Falls today after home church.  We met Jon and Michelle and the kids there.  We looked at the falls and then hiked about a mile upstream from the falls and put our feet in the water.  

 Garret came straight down this path, instead of going down the easy more gradual path that you can see in the next picture. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Katie Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Out

Because of the coronavirus, when we got to the oral surgery place we had to call the office and they came out to the car to take Katie in for her surgery.  I didn't get to go in with her.  Katie was so brave. She was pretty nervous, but she did great.  After the surgery they brought her out to the car and she was hilarious.  She was so emotional and was crying.  She kept talking about how sad she was that they lost the Stinky Sneaker game.  She also was crying because she really wanted chicken strips from Dairy Queen. 

Videos of Katie after she got her wisdom teeth out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Biking on the Centennial Trail

We went for a ride on the Centennial Trail. We started at Gonzaga and drove through Riverfront Park downtown.  Then we kept going and rode past Kendall Yard a swanky revitalized area of downtown. Then we turned around and rode back.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Social Distancing Walking

Since we are quarantined, one of the few activities we can do with other people is walking.  We can visit and stay at least 6 feet away from each other so that we don't share the coronavirus. 

Garret, Katie, and Olivia went on walk on Tuesday and Garret took a dive into Chester Creek.

 Katie and Lilly Peterson went for a walk in Lilly's neighborhood on Wednesday
Katie, Mady, and Olivia went for a walk on Saturday night

 Olivia brought her dinner on the walk