Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, June 27, 2008

Feeding Giraffe Video

Feeding Giraffe Video

Feeding Giraffe Video

Feeding Giraffe Video

African Safari

Today we went on an African Safari, no joking. We are in Liberia Costa Rica and I guess someone found out the the climate here is just like it is on the savanah in Africa so they have replicated it. We got in a Hummer and got to ride around the animals. It was so cool. We got to feed the ostriches, camels and giraffes. It sounds like they are learning as they go. They got all of the animals from various places in the world, like zoos and such, and put them together in a big fenced in area. Then a male Watusi bull attacked a antelope and killed it (all the animals are supposedly herbivors). Then an antelope attacked a baby camel and wounded it. So now they have separated some of the animals and won't let the cars drive around them because they are too territorial and aggressive. But we still got to drive right up to some zebras,several kinds of antelope and the giraffes. The giraffes by far were the coolest.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Saying goodbye

We said goodbye to our Costa Rica friends and to our Costa Rica house. We had so much fun with our friends the Frey's and the Jonas's. This has been an awesome adventure that we will always remember.

Random cute photos of Garret

We don't get very many pictures of Garret smiling because he is always on the move. He loved playing on the beach. The sand must taste very good because he was always trying to eat it. Here's the story of the picture of him in the stroller. Kirt had gone to the beach to go surfing earlier that morning, and I walked down later with the kids. As I was walking down, it started pouring rain. We were in our swimsuits so we just kept on walking to the beach. We were soaked by the time we got there. I left Garret in his stroller at the top of the beach to go and say hi to Kirt. He was so mad that I left him that he started rocking up and down and somehow managed to flip his stroller forward down the incline of the beach. He of course was wet so the sand just stuck to him. It was one of those moments where you couldn't do anything but take a picture.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kirt Surfing

Kirt had a fun time surfing while we were here in Costa Rica. He even broke the tip of his first surf board. Unfortunately, he is the photographer in the family and I am not, so we don't have any good pictures of him surfing. We have some great candid ones though. Isn't he cute.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tanner and me playing frizbee on the beach

Tanner loved playing frizbee on the beach. And I must say that he is pretty good. He could chase down just about anything that anyone could throw. We also played some fun games of frizbee football on the beach. They got a little competitive as they always do when Tanner is around. He has that Worthen gene in him.

Horse Back Riding

Tanner, Katie and Kirt went horse back riding yesterday. They all got to ride their own horses, even Katie. Tanner's horses name was Columbia and Katie's horses name was Sonto. Katie's horse had a rope tied on it and Kirt held on to it the whole time. Kirt said her horse was so docile that he wouldn't even move if he didn't pull on the rope. Tanner got his horse to gallop in a field. The rode for about an hour and a half in the trees and then a half hour on the beach. They all had a great time

Monday, June 23, 2008

Red Tide

One morning we woke up and there were a bunch of dead fish and eels washed up on the beach. We asked around and people told us that it was because of the red tide. I looked up what a red tide was on the internet and found out that it occurred when there was an over growth of algae and plankton. They take all of the oxygen out of the water and so there is none for the fish and they therefore die. They don't really know what causes it. The water didn't really look red, but it was really foamy (I don't know if you can tell from that picture) and kind of orangish. We didn't swim in the ocean for a few days needless to say.

Really Stuck

Dave got their rental car stuck in the mud up to it's axels.  They tried to dig it out, but finally found someone to pull it out.  Leave it to Dave.