Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Garret the Menace

Garret has been getting into everything lately. It's a good thing he is so cute or I might have to sell him to the gypsies. The other day, he got the clippers out from under the sink in the bathroom, unzipped the bag they were in, plugged them in and cut a little bit of his hair. He has also learned how to turn down his diaper so that his poopy butt is exposed. He also knows how to turn the microwave on. He shoved his whole blanket in it and turned it on the other day. It was nice and warm. He will purposely dump glasses full of liquid or boxes of cereal out all over the floor. I cannot clean as fast as he can mess up. He can drag chairs all over the house and turn on sinks and pour water out all over the floor. Anyone want a 21 month little boy? He is as cute as can be.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Garret the Ballerina

Garret wants to do whatever his big brother and sister do. He carries a basketball and a water bottle around every time we leave the house because Tanner is always going to basketball practice with those two things. He also wants to wear Katie's ballet outfit because she was wearing it. Isn't he cute?

Katie the Ballerina

Katie is really enjoying the ballet class she is taking. She is twice as big as any of the other girls in her class, but she doesn't seem to notice.

Katie's 5th Birthday

Can you believe that Katie is 5? I sure can't. It's probably because she is still so good at throwing fits. I thought that she would out grow them by the time she was 5. No such luck. I kept telling her that she wasn't going to get her birthday until she stopped throwing fits. She did pretty good for the few weeks before her birthday, but now that she has had it, I think we have lost our leverage. She was telling my mom the night of her birthday that she hadn't thrown a fit all day when Garret suddenly did something to her and she started throwing a fit mid sentence of saying she hadn't thrown a fit all day. Ah, the joys of parenting. Katie got a Barbie, a dress, a Nintendo DS, a ballet outfit, art supplies, and money too for her birthday. She also had a few friends over on her birthday. They played BINGO, and colored princess pictures, and played in Katie's room. I am so glad that birthday week is over. In the last week I have made 3 cakes, 2 pans of brownines, cupcakes, and rice krispy treats. I think I have gained 5 pounds. I have no self control and eat way too much when I bake.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Garret's Bruise

Garret fell flat on his forehead on our wood floor. He didn't even cry but he definitely has a nasty bruise.

Triple Play

Since the kids didn't get birthday parties this year, we told them we would do something fun as a family. We decided to go to Triple Play. We bowled, played miniature golf and laser tag, Tanner climbed the climbing wall and we went in the water park. It was lots of fun, especially since we left Garret the Menace at home with uncle Cameron.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tanner's 9th Birthday

Tanner had a fun 9th birthday. He got a NFL jersey, a XBOX game, some nerf guns and lots of money. He is very spoiled. He got to have a get together with his friends (because his mom is mean and doesn't like "birthday parties". I don't mind the kids getting together, I just don't like the birthday present part of the birthday party.) So he had friends over on his birthday to watch the NBA dunk contest, they just weren't allowed to bring presents. I asked Tanner if he thought this was really mean and he said yes. So I asked him to name one present that a friend had given him on his birthday last year (I do let them have real birthday parties when they are 4, 8, 12, and 16) and he couldn't remember a one. So he said that it was OK that his friends weren't bringing him presents. They had a good time having pizza, brownies and watching the Dunk Contest.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kirt's Seminar in Dublin, Ireland