Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garret's 2nd Birthday

You can tell that Garret is a third child. His birthday was a little pathetic. I was going to put his Cozy Coupe Car together the night before, but our power was out, so I didn't do it. The next morning Tanner wanted to try and put it together. So he went out and tried with no success. So I went out to help him and of course Garret came with me because he never leaves my side. So he sat there for about an hour while my dad (thankfully he stopped by and helped me) and I put it together. It was so sad watching him try to get in it to play with it while we were putting it together. I really should have put it together the night before.
The kids told me that I should make him a lawn mower cake or a hot tub cake because those are two of his favorite things in the whole world. So what kind of cake did he get? A blue one. That's about as far as my artistic abilities go. I did let him pick out the kind of cake. He chose rainbow chip.
So all in all his birthday was not the extravaganza that my 1st child's 2nd birthday was. Poor Garret.

Visit from Cousin Bill

My cousin Bill, his wife Kym, their son Cayden, Kym's mom Nancy, my Granny Worthen and Aunt Marsha all came to visit us in Spokane over Memorial Day weekend. We haven't seen Bill and his family in forever. They live across the country in North Carolina. It was fun to see them. We went and showed them Riverfront Park. Aren't the falls just beautiful this time of year? They are pretty much a trickle by the end of the summer.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crazy Utah Trip

So we just went on a very long trip to Utah. We left Wed. the 6th about 5:30pm. (That is another story in itself. We were going to leave right when Tanner got home from school at 3:30, but about 3:15 as I was loading the last thing into the car, I told Kirt to make sure he had his temple recommend. He checked and said he had it, but then he noticed that it expired last month. So we had to wait around for 2 hours while he got it renewed. Thankfully we were able to get it done so he could attend the weddings.) We drove about 4 hours and stayed the night in Deer Lodge.
Thursday we got up and drove the rest of the way to SLC. We got there about 3:30 and quickly took the kids to the pool. We thought we had enough time to do that before Lacey's 6pm session. We did not have as much time as we thought, so we didn't get the kids to Kirt's parents hotel for Lindsey to watch. I just dropped Kirt off and he went by himself. I'm glad he was able to be with his sister, but I was sad because I haven't been to a live session in a long time and was looking forward to going.
Friday was Lacey and Mark's wedding and pictures and luncheon. Always so much fun with whinny kids. We went to the children's museum with the Hatches afterwards. Then the 3 hour drive to Vernal.
Saturday we helped set up for the reception and visited with Kirt's grandparents. As we were setting up for the reception, Lindsey and Kyle announced that they were getting married in August. Congrats.
Sunday we went to church in Vernal and then drove out to Alpine to see my friend Candice and her family. It was so great to see them. The kids had so much fun in her back yard swinging from the tree and hypnitizing chickens. We went to visit Kirt's cousin Ben in his enourmous house in Cedar Hills.
Monday we went to the zoo with the Hatch family and Aaron and Kim. Afterwards we got to see our friends the Hilbigs and Travis. It is great to catch up with everyone.
Tuesday we got up and drove to a cabin at Bear Lake. Everyone came. There were 20 adults and 15 kids crammed into one house. It didn't matter that it was a pretty big house. That is alot of people. It was tons of fun. We stayed there Wed. and Thurs. too.
Friday we got up, cleaned the cabin and went to Logan.
Saturday was Brett and Kristie's wedding and luncheon. We were going to go up to Pocotello for the reception that night and stay there, but we had had it. So we left after the luncheon and drove all the way home. It was a long drive, but it is so nice to be home. It was great to see everyone!

Cute random pictures of kids from Utah trip

Garret really wanted to swim in and drink out of the fountain at the Logan Temple.

He looks very deceptively sweet.

Cute pictures with cousins

Brett and Kristie's wedding

Brett and Kristie were married in the Logan Temple on May 16th.

Olympics at the Cabin

We had our very own Olympics. The kids competed in events like the 100 yard dash, long jump, shot put, discus throw, 3 legged race, and water balloon toss. The kids got paper plate medals for their participation in the events.

Games at the Cabin

The Christensen family enjoys sports a ton. So of course on our family reunion we played many different kinds. We had a ping pong tournament, played wiffle ball, volleyball, basketball, as well as Settlers and Bang. And of course you can't forget all the Nintendo DS games. The kids could link their DS's together and play against each other.


Tanner and his cousin Cayden wanted to ride the strangest animals. Tanner is riding a poison dart frog and Cayden rode a praying mantis.

We got to go to the zoo with some of our cousins and see the animals and ride the carousel and the train while we were in Utah.

Family Pictures at Lacey and Mark's reception