Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Sunday, September 29, 2019

2019 School Pictures

Katie 10th Grade
Garret 7th Grade

Mario Kart

The kids convinced Kirt and I to play Mario Kart with them on the Wii after church today.  I am really good at it.  I got last place every time. 

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Cute Photo of Garret

Kirt got a new i-Phone and Garret wanted to test it out.

Mady and Olivia Homecoming Part 1

Katie went and did Olivia's hair for the homecoming dance.  Then of course she had to get some pictures with Mady and Olivia before they went to the dance.  

Friday, September 27, 2019

Dairy Queen

Katie and her friends had to get some treats at DQ after the Homecoming football game.  

2019 Bench Dance

At U-High, they have a tradition during Homecoming week called Bench.  Each class has a park bench that stays in the school all year.  Each class redecorates it every year during Homecoming week. Then they make up a dance around the theme that they used to decorate the bench.  This year the sophomore class theme was Area 22.

Cleaning Up At the Lake

Kirt went out Wednesday and went for one last ride on the jet ski before pulling it out of the water.  Then he and I went out on Friday and did the rest of the lake clean up.  He pulled the boat out of the water and blew the air out of the pipes of the trailer.  I cleaned the trailer, made sure all of the pop and food were taken out, covered all of the toys and made sure everything was put away.  It was a very sad day.  We love going to the lake and don't get to go back until next spring.  Kirt decided to take one last 4 wheeler ride.  I thought that it looked pretty stormy and decided not to go with him.  I'm so glad I didn't because it started pouring rain and Kirt had to ride home for about 30 minutes in it.  He was soaking wet and freezing cold by the time he got back.  

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Throwback Thursday

It was Homecoming spirit week at U-high this week and Thursday was Throwback Thursday.  Katie borrowed Jon's letterman's jacket to wear to show her spirit. (She said that some kids asked if it was her boyfriend's jacket:)

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Youth Temple Baptisms for the Dead

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Garret's 7th Grade Cross Country Season

Garret is running cross country at Horizon.  He is really enjoying it.  His coaches are Matt Hildahl and Tiffany Florez.  For practice they do fartleks, run on the Appleway Trail, run in Dishman Hills, run around the school and the track, and more!

The first meet was a Jamboree with the 5 other middle schools in the district. It was at CV.  Garret ran the mile and a half in 11:36 and got 9th for all of the 7th grade boys.  

 The 2nd meet was at Horizon North.  It was against Greenacres Middle School. Garret ran the mile and a half in 10:21 and got 7th place for the 7th grade boys.  His team won the meet for the 7th grade boys. Garret ran against his basketball buddy Jack Florence today.

 Garret spit at the end of the meet and got it all over his face.  Very talented. 

 Garret's super fan-his mom!  Go Garret.  I also got to be a course monitor and make sure that no one cut the corners.
His 3rd meets was again Selkirk, and they ran at Pavilion Park in Liberty Lake.  It was a hard course with lots a turns and hills.  Everyone's times were much slower.  Garret ran his mile and a half in 12:28.  He got 4th place for the 7th grade boys.

Garret's 4th meets was again Bowdish.  His quad muscles were very sore, but he still pushed through and beat his best time by 5 seconds.  His mile and a half time was 10:16, 6th place for the 7th grade boys. (Look at the pictures closely. He making some great faces.)

Garret's 5th meet was against North Pines and the race was at Terrace View park.  It was a very flat course with not a lot of turns so Garret was determined to get a PR.  He really wanted to get under 10 minutes.  He got 9:59. He pushed so hard at the end.  It was so cool to watch him working so hard.

Meet again Evergreen at Mirabeau Park. 

We missed Garret's All Valley meet because we were on our cruise.  The meet was at CV, the place where the 1st Jamboree meet was.  Garret improved his time from his first race by

Sunday, September 15, 2019

After Church Fun

We had stake conference today and so we were done by noon and had lots of time after church.  The kids rode their bikes while I went for a walk.  They were doing all kinds of silly things on their bikes.  Then after that Cam and Rachelle and Jon and Michelle came over with their kids for dessert.  We played outside and played the name game and of course had dessert.