Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Katie's Dance Recital

Katie had her 1st dance recital. The whole recital lasted less than 15 minutes. It was wonderful. She takes lessons from a girl in our stake who teaches out of her home. There were only 3 short numbers. Katie was a dancing fairy. She was very cute.

Tanner's school play

For Tanner's school play they did Elfis and the Sleigh Riders. He got to be a reindeer. He had 3 speaking lines. He made a pretty good reindeer.

Thanksgiving trip to Vernal Utah

For Thanksgiving this year we drove down to see Kirt's family in Utah. His mom and dad came over from Hawaii and 6 of his 8 siblings came. It was fun to see everyone. We hung out and played lots of games. It was a long drive, but it was worth it to see our family. We also went shot gun shooting, to the dinosaur museum and the the Vernal rec. center.

Shot Gun Shooting

Kirt, Tanner, Sam, Travis, and Ben went clay pigeon shooting. Tanner hit one clay pigeon. He had lots of using the pigeon thrower. They also went to Uncle Sam's pheasant farm. Sam raises pheasants for pheasant hunters.

Dinosaur Museum

We went to the Dinosaur Museum in Vernal. We took our cousins Megan, Brooke and Travis with us (Cindy and Sam's kids). Dinosaurs are always a big hit with the kids. Of course they pretty much run through the museum as fast as they can. Heck with reading anything or actually learning anything about the dinosaurs.

Climbing Wall

We went to the Vernal Rec center while we were there for Thanksgiving. We went swimming, played basketball and the kids got to do the climbing wall. Tanner got almost all the way to the top.

Family Photos

Connie's sister and brother from left to right Rick (Connie's brother), Becky (Rick's wife), Ervin (Marilyn's husband), Marilyn (Connie's sister), Connie and Vance
Vance's mom Grandma Christensen
Mark (Lacey's boyfriend), Lacey, Aaron, Kim, Vance, Lindsey, Kyle (Lindsey's boyfriend)

Lava Hot Springs

On our way down to Vernal, we stopped and stayed the night in Lava Hot Springs and went to the hot springs. There was a swimming pool with 2 diving boards and a climbing wall that is warmed from the hot springs that we went to first. Katie jumped off the high dive. She is fearless. Then about 1/2 mile away there are a bunch of hot tubs with hot water from the hot springs ranging from 102-112 degrees. We wrapped ourselves in our towels and ran into the 20 degree night, drove to the hot tubs and ran and jumped in the warm water. It was kind of crazy. Of course our children loved the hot springs considering their extreme love of hot tubs. Then in the morning we got up and went and visited Kirt's Grandma Christensen. She lives about an hour from the Lava Hot Springs in Mink Creek Idaho.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kid's pictures

I finally got around to getting my kids pictures taken. Aren't they cute. Of course I am a little biased.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Halloween

We had a fairly uneventful Halloween this year. We went to my grandma and grandpa Spear's and did a little trick or treating. Then we went to our ward trunk or treat party. The kids had lots of fun, I survived Garret was Tigger for Winnie the Pooh, Katie was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and Tanner was Anikain Skywalker from Star Wars. Just a funny note on Katie. She of course could not decide what she wanted to be so she was a midnight fairy (a black fairy) for dance, a ballerina for school, and then Dorothy for Halloween night. When we got to my grandma and grandpa's my great aunt was there and she gave Katie these black cat ears with a mask which Katie really wanted to wear. So Katie was actually a black cat Dorothy.

Pumpkin Carving at Grandma and Grandpa Greats

Time for the annual pumpkin carving. It's such a great tradition. We go to my grandma and grandpa Spear's house, carve pumpkins and have boboli pizza's. It's so much fun. Our friends the Enloe's came with us to enjoy the great times.