Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Horse Camp

At the Horizon Middle School Auction last fall, one of the items in the live auction was a horse camp at West Valley Farms near our house.  Kirt thought Katie would like it, so he bought it for her and we gave it to her for Christmas.  When I went to sign her up for the camp, Garret was with me and he really wanted to do it to.   When we were in Africa, Kirt and Tanner had done the white water rafting and Katie and I had done the helicopter tour over Victoria Falls and Garret was upset that he hadn't gotten to do either.  We told him that we would find something special for him to do before the summer was over.  He conveniently remembered this when he was begging to do the horse camp.  So since we had promised, I signed him up.  They both loved it.

Friday, July 18, 2014

High Adventure 2014

Tanner, Max Clark, Joe Hawkins, Alex Poulsen, Bryce LeBaron, Jeremy Percival, Nathan Braas, Brother Bob Leavenworth and Kirt
Packing the hideous scout trailer
Canoeing down Priest River

 Jeremy found a penny in his huckleberry milkshake
Swimming in Priest Lake

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Buzz Cuts

These pictures were mid-haircut.  They did thankfully shave them the rest of the way off. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Africa Day 31 & 32

Today was a very long day.    We wanted to go and do a tour of the townships of Alexandra and Soweto.  We had met a tour guide when we were at the caves at the Cradle of Mankind who seemed really nice so we called her to see if she could come and give us a tour.  She said she could so we arranged for her to come and pick us up at noon.  Around 11 she texted and said she was going to be about an hour late.  She still had not come at 2.  At about 2:30, she came but was in a very small car.   She had tried to go and exchange her small rental car for a larger one, but they would not let her.  So after much debate, Kirt went to the airport with her and rented a larger car.  We then went on a very rushed tour of Alexandra and Soweto which was actually OK because we were all pretty tired and grumpy by this time.  Plus it was very difficult to see the poverty that so many of the people were living in.  After the tour, we went to the airport and started the long journey home-16 hours to Atlanta, 4 hours to Salt Lake and then 2 more hours to Spokane.  We got to Spokane around noon on the 4th of July.
2 families in Alexandra township that were living in houses that were about 12x12 for their whole house.  The 1st family only had 4 people but the 2nd family had 10.

One the street in Alexandra

One of the tract houses in Soweto
A preschool in Soweto
Nelson Mandala's house in Soweto which is now a museum

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Africa Day 30

We went to look at a famous German Church "Christuskirche" (Christ Church) in Windhoek this morning.  Then we went to an African history museum.  After that we flew from Windhoek to Johannesburg.  We all got upgraded to 1st class.  Then we stayed at Emerald Guest House in Joburg for the 3rd time.


1st class
Emerald Guest House-It was right by the airport so there was this platform that you could stand on and watch the planes take off and land.