Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, November 29, 2019

Katie's Sophomore Basketball Season 2019-2020

Katie is on the Varsity Basketball team at University High School.  Her teammates are Tyler McCliment-Call, Jackson McCliment-Call, Ellie Boni, CarolAnn Edwards, Chloe Moore, Ryan Griep,  Ally Mills, Paige Jess, Krista Elliott, Alyssa Osborne, and Elliannah Ramirez.  There are 12 players on the varsity team.  For every game, 10 of them are going to suit up for varsity, and 2 of them will play with the JV.  It can be a different 2 for each game depending on their performance, attitude, and effort.  The coaches are Jay Kennedy and Ray Shill.

On November 29th, it was the player vs player scrimmage.  They played 2-15 minutes halves against each other.  Katie played really well.  She had 5 points in the first half.  She also played great defense.

On November 30th, they had the Valley Jamboree with CV, East Valley, and West Valley.  They played a 10 minute game with WV 1st.  They lost 12-18.  Katie played for about 2 minutes.  Then they played EV and tied 14-14.  Katie didn't get to play.

Monday December 3rd, they did the free throw-a-thon. This is their fundraiser.  They get people to sponsor them for shooting free throws.  Then they shoot 100 free throws.  Katie made 94 out of 100 free throws.  Way to go Katie!!!

They got invited to play in the Fitz Tournament at Ferris High School. On Thursday night before the tournament, they got to go out to the Northern Quest Casino for a dinner for the tournament.

The first game of the Fitz Tournament was on December 6th against St. Ignatius from San Francisco, CA. They won this game in double overtime 86-83.  Katie scored 2 free throws.
The next day, they played Beaverton from Beaverton, OR, in their 2nd game of the Fitz Tournament.  They lost this game 57-70. Fun side note-one of the girls on the Beaverton team was a daughter of one of my high school teammates Kristin Hepton.  Her daughter was a freshman and her name is Lainey Spear.
Team dinner at Paige Jess's house on 12/9

On 12/10 they played G-Prep.  They won 73-47. Katie scored her first field goal in a varsity basketball game.  It was a 7 footer from the short corner.

On 12/13 they played LC.  They lost 48-63.  They totally should have won but they fell apart and didn't play like a team.  

 On 12/17 they played Mt. Spokane. They lost by 7 in overtime. The final score was 59-66.

(Written by Katie) 12/26-12/29 - Portland Holiday Classic tournament. We left early on Thursday morning and got there that evening and mostly rested and went to bed. Our game the next morning was at 9am. We played and beat Tigard 62-54. I played about 10 minutes and had two points. That day we went shopping at the mall and had Panda Express for dinner thanks to Ellie's mom. That night we just hung out and had fun in our rooms with each other. I roomed with Eliannah and Krista but would go hang out with the rest of team. We slept in on Saturday morning. I went to the Nike outlet with mom and Garret. The team had a shoot around and ran through our plays at 12. Afterwards we went into a very sketchy part of Portland full of homeless people to have lunch at Potbelly's. It was very tasty and worth the long bus ride and short walk through downtown to get to it. That afternoon we went back to the hotel and rested. Our game was at 6:30 and we played Wilsonville. We were down 21 at one point and came back to lead by one at one point. We ended up losing 61-69. I got to play 15 minutes and in the heat of the game, I also almost got a technical called on me for going after a ball and not stopping right on the whistle. That got the crowd going. I went home that night with my family. My team lost the next day 35-69. It sounded like they just fell apart and could never recover. Overall it was super fun and I loved hanging out with my team!

Katie and I are ready to go shopping at the Clackamas mall
The team facetimed Alyssa (who is not on the team anymore because she was caught vaping) and of course Eliannah, Katie, Alyssa, Ryan, Ally, and Chloe had to take a picture.
Mirror selfie with Tyler, Paige, Krista, and Ally
Team picture!

(Written by Katie) On 01/03 they played Moses Lake. We had to drive all the way out there, but it's always entertaining with this team and with the blessing of Disney Plus (shootout to Jon for letting me use his account). But anyways, we ended up losing 61-53. It was a rough loss. I played about 12 minutes and had five rebounds. It is fun that I am playing more!

They placed LC on 1/07 and lost 54-52.

They were supposed to play Ferris on 1/10 but the game got cancelled because of lots of snow.

Stinky Sneaker is the rivalry game between U-High and CV. This years stinky sneaker theme was Stranger Shoes after the show Stranger Things.  Unfortunately U-High lost the girls game (60-61), the boys game and the shoe.  The girls came to dinner at our house the night before the game.  It was CarolAnn's dinner, but she lives really far away so I told her mom that she could host the dinner at our house.  I tried to get a little festive and decorate for the dinner with Stranger Things decorations.  I don't think they appreciated it (Katie said she did), but I thought it was fun.  The girls are really strange.  They just made dancing videos for the Tik Tok app (not Katie of course). 

My Stranger Things decorations

 The cheer leaders always put a sign up on the houses of the basketball players the night before the Stinky Sneaker game.  Katie's cheer leader is Mercedes Gillingham.

 The parents always put together baskets for the girls for Stinky Sneaker
 Check out Katie's wide open mouth

 Madison Crandall was highly involved in the spirit portion of the night.  She choreographed the dance too.
 Stinky Sneaker dance

They played Rogers on 1/17 and won 79-26.  Katie had her all time high scoring record.  She scored 9 points!

They played North Central on 1/21.  They won 59-36.

They played Shaddle on 1/24.  They won 85-30.  Katie had 4 points.

They played Mead on 1/28.  They lost 58-76.  It was a very rough game.  They beat Mead last time by 26 points.

On 1/30 they played Ferris.  They won 59-55.

On 2/1 they played Gonzaga Prep.  They won 47-44.

On 2/4 they played CV.  They lost 56-62.  It was also senior night.  They recognized Ellie, Tyler, Jacksen, and CarolAnn.  I put together some collages for the girls and helped to organize the other gifts that the parents got for the girls (flowers, balloons, and goodies).  I also made some cute draw string bags to put the goodies in.  

 Tyler and Jacksen
 Katie's AAU coaches, Brittany and Scott Sturm, came and watched the CV game.

On 2/6 they played Ferris and won 48-39.  They ended up 4th in the GSL and 3rd in 4A and will be going to Districts next week.  

Regular season play
District tournament schedule 

They played Pasco in Pasco on 2/12 for the 1st round of districts.  They were ahead by 3 points with 3:45 left in the game and then they totally fell apart.  They got 4 intentional fouls called on them. It was embarrassing. Tyler Mccliment-Call just threw a girl to the floor. And Jay never did anything about it. The ref came over and told Jay that if he didn’t take Tyler out of the game he was going to eject her. I think the refs should have just called the game. Katie played really good defense though. They had some really big girls and she shut them down.  

They played Richland 2/15 at home. She had an awesome game. Of course neither dad or I were there to see it. She had 11 points (her career high) and played awesome. Jon went to the game and said she played so good. She had an monster block too. They won 69-52 so they get to play G Prep on Tuesday. They beat them both times they played them so hopefully they will win. 

On 2/18 (Katie's birthday), they played G-Prep.  It was a nail bitter the whole time, but they pulled it off and won 53-47.  I thought for sure they were going to fall apart but they didn't.

On 2/21 they played Chiawana in the Tri-Cities at the Tacoma Dome. They lost 62-74 and they are out of the district tournament and their season is over. Chiawana had a girl named Talia Von Oelhoffen that was really good and we just couldn't stop her.  She had 36 points. Katie had a head cold and was tired and had a rough game.  Not the best finish to the season, but better than we thought they would do.