Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Katie's Dance Class

They had a mini little recital for Halloween at Katie's dance class. They performed a dance to the song Monster Mash. Katie adores dance.

Raking the Leaves

Pumpkin Cake

For Tanner's school they had a cake decorating contest. We had lots of fun decorating this pumpkin cake. Luckily Grammy came and helped us. We didn't win, but they used the cake in the cake walk for the school's family fun night.

Katie as Dorothy

Katie went to her friend Ella's birthday party. It was a Wizard of Oz themed party. We borrowed our neighbor's Dorothy costume. Katie had so much fun.

Garret and his computer

Garret loves to play on computers. As soon as someone starts typing he is there to help. One day Kirt was working at his computer at the kitchen table and of course Garret started to attack so I went and got Katie's Barbie computer. Garret worked on his computer next to Kirt and thought he was just the coolest thing.

Tanner's Football Team

Tanner talked me in to letting him play football this year too. Not just football, tackle football. It has been a busy fall. He had a practice every night but Wed. and then 2 games on Sat. Good thing that we live so close to the school where his practices were held. He played on the line for both offense and defense. Imagine that. Actually he was the smallest big kid. Kids that weighed over 91 pounds had to be on the line and couldn't carry the ball, and he was 95 pounds. He just missed the cutoff. He was a little sad, but he really got into being a linebacker. He had some awesome sacks on the quarter back. His coach said that he was a monster. Sometimes in practice the coach had to tell him to back off a little bit so that they could complete a play. He really enjoyed the season.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tanner's Soccer Team


Tanner has enjoyed another fun year of soccer. He has a great coach and a really fun team. He played goalie a lot this year and was really good at it. He's not afraid to dive right in after a ball even if there are tons for kicking feet near his head.