Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, May 31, 2019

1st Time in the Pool

We opened the pool super late this year.  We are trying to get the automatic cover fixed, but not having a lot of luck.  Garret kept the tradition alive and jumped in the green, cold pool.  It wasn't as cold this year because it is so late in the year. 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Kirt's Trip to Cleveland

Kirt went to Cleveland from Monday-Friday May 27th-31st.  He went for a real estate seminar and to hang out with his buddy Travis Tollestrup. 

Memorial Day 2019

So we had kind of a strange but fun Memorial Day this year.  I had to work on Sunday night so Kirt took the kids out to the lake Sunday afternoon after church.  I helped them get ready, then took a nap and went to work.  They had fun riding the 4 wheeler, BBQing the chicken I made them and roasting s'mores.  Then on Monday morning while I was sleeping at home, they went mountain biking.  Then about Kirt drove home and got home at noon.  He headed to the airport to go to Cleveland for a seminar, and I headed back out to the lake.  I picked up Michelle and the kids and Jon met us out there (he had been working in Post Falls). He played on the beach, went for a boat ride to the rope swing, and rode the 4 wheeler, and did some yard work.  We had cake and ice cream for Garret's birthday.  

 Katie and Garret rode the 4 wheeler in to town while Kirt and I were gone and had lunch at Messy's Burgers.  We were talking to Tanner at the time and they took this picture to send to Tanner.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Silver Dollars

Kirt and Garret have been getting boxes of silver dollars and trying to find ones that are made of real silver.  The ones before 1970 are 40% silver and the ones before 1964 are 90% sliver. 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Garret's 12th Birthday

I can't believe that my baby boy is 12! He's such a fun kid. He knows everything there is to know about basketball and he loves to tell you all about it.  He loves Drake and Josh and he has watched every episode at least 5 times.  He still loves Star Wars.  He plays basketball every day.  He plays a mean tennis game (he almost beat me when we played today). He has at the kindest heart and always watches out for everyone. 
 Yum, candy!

 A new basketball.  He will be playing with a men's sized basketball in AAU from now on.

 A new bike.  He's excited to go mountain biking with his dad.
 Birthday cinnamon rolls

 He got to have a friend birthday party this year.  He had 8 friends (I couldn't come) to Kirt's office to play basketball, bump, dodge ball, eat pizza and sweets, and just have lots of fun! (On a side note, Katie had a basketball game at the same time so I asked Kirt if he wanted to do the party or the game. He said he would do the party.  I think it's the first time that he has been in charge of on of our kids birthday parties.  I definitely drew the long straw!)

 Left to right: Nixon (he just happened to have a dance rehearsal at Kirt's office that night so he came and played with the boys afterwards for a bit), Gavin Zehm, Talon McArthur, Peyton Wolcott (white shirt behind), Garret, Jaden Thompson (on the ground), Kowen Sanders (orange shirt), Andrew Hebden, Jack Del Mese, Shaffer Neils.