Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning 2010

We had Christmas morning at our house. Grammy, Pompa and Cameron came over at 6:30 for the opening of presents. My kids, at least Katie and Garret, are always up by then. Of course they were not this morning and we had to wake them up. Grammy, Pompa and Cameron then went to Jon's house for presents there, then they all came back including Jon and his family for our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls, egg casserole and orange Julius's. We had a very informal Christmas dinner at my parents house that night.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve jammies
Acting out the birth of the Savior.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Gingerbread houses

Our friends the Dickinson's


So much fun!

Katie got worn out trying to pull Natalie up the hill.
Katie and Elise
They still managed to fly down the hill even though there seemed to be more grass than snow.
A train!
A train crash!
Garret smiles much better for Kim than me. If you enlarge the picture you can also see the nice bugger he has.
Natalie held on to Garret for dear life when they went down on this sled together.
We went sledding with our friends the Clark's yesterday. The kids had a blast. Kim took some awesome pictures that she was so nice to share with me.

Hot sauce, coal, and can I touch myself?

Garret has been saying a lot of bad words lately (like shut up and stupid). I told him if he said another bad word that he was going to have to eat hot sauce. Of course he immediately said another bad word so I got the hot sauce out and made him eat a spoonful. His response "that was yummy". Who thinks hot sauce plain is yummy?

Garret was misbehaving the other day and Kirt told him he better be good or he was going to be on Santa's naughty list. Garret asked what it meant to be on the naughty list and Kirt told him that if you are on the naughty list you get a lump of coal instead of presents. Garret said, "A lump of coal, that doesn't sound so bad." I think I'm going to return his presents and get him a lump of coal if that doesn't sound so bad.

I took Katie to the Dr. a few weeks ago and Garret came along too. When we went back to the exam room, there were instruments all over the room. I told Garret not to touch anything. He looked at me and said "can I touch myself?", and started poking himself in the forehead.

Katie's Dance Recital

Halloween dance recital/party. Katie was a vampire.
Katie and Miss/Aunt Michelle
Winter dance recital.
Katie has been taking dance from her aunt Michelle. She loves it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Order Up!

Garret has been begging me to make meatballs. So Tuesday I told him we could have meatballs, but that he had to help me make them. He helped me measure everything out for the sweet and sour sauce and put the meatballs in (I am not my mother and I do not make meatballs from scratch). Then I had him stir the meatballs. He had been stirring them for a few minutes when he said "order up". I never say that so I asked him where he learned it and of course he said "Spongebob". He was so excited about making the meatballs and told everyone at dinner that he had made the meatballs and that he knows how to cook now.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sitting on Santa's lap

We went to my mom and dad's ward Christmas breakfast because we heard a rumor that Santa was going to be there. They were so excited to sit on his lap.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cameron and Rachelle's Wedding

All the Siblings
Cameron and Rachelle and all their Spear neices and nephews.
We love weddings!

One of Rachelle's beautiful Bridal photos.
Wedding Invitation Photo

The day has finally arrived. My baby brother Cameron was married to Rachelle Bond on November 26th 2010. We are so excited for them. Welcome to the family Rachelle.

Sadie's Baby Blessing and Pictures of us with Sadie

Katie and I went to the hospital the day Sadie was born.
She was so excited to hold the new baby.

Garret loves holding Sadie too. He held her for about a half hour this night and sang her a song that he made up about her the whole time. He sang "baby Sadie, baby Sadie" over and over and over again.

Since all the family was together for Thanksgiving and Cameron and Rachelle's wedding, Jon and Michelle decided to bless their new baby girl Sadie. She was born on October 22nd. Isn't she beautiful.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Katie looses her 1st top tooth

Monday, November 15, 2010

Is that how you Bowl?

I took the kids bowling last week and Garret was an absolute crack up. He would roll the ball back in forth between his legs several times and then push it down the lane. It would roll with barely enough speed to make it to the pins and the whole time it was rolling down, he would dance. Usually he would fall down at the end of his dance since the floor is so slippery.

Halloween Pictures

Tanner-Soccer player