Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Katie's 16th Birthday Party

Katie finally got to have her 16th birthday party.  She had people over for dinner, birthday treats, presents, and a movie. 

 Katie wanted BBQ hamburgers for her birthday dinner.
 And for her birthday treat, she wanted key lime pie.

 Opening presents
 Claire Claeson
 Lorena Diaz-Flores
 Olivia Tolley
 Tanaeya Thompson
Mary and Alice Gubler
 Alice Carothers
 Lilly Peterson
 Madison Crandall
 And for the movie, she wanted to watch Goonies

Friday, February 28, 2020

Deacons Campout

The Deacons went camping up at 4th of July Pass.  They stayed in a warming hut that is up there for cross county skiers.  The boys went cross country skiing and also did a biathlon with shooting and cross country skiing.  

 Kirt, Brian Crenshaw, David Mallonee, Brad Murray

 Korbin Crenshaw, Garret, Cole Olsen, Nathan Mallonee, Nolan Orndorff, Lincoln Murray

 The warming hut


Katie, Mady, and Olivia went to Wendy's for dinner

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Mady, Katie, and Olivia with their cars. Silly girls

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Dinner with Raelene and Amy

My friend Raelene Peterson was in town for the weekend because her daughter was competing in a gymnastics competition.  Amy Raab and I met her for dinner a Cafe Rio.  Katie and Raelene's daughter Avery joined us.  Katie chauffeured me to dinner.  I love that she can drive!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Utah Trip for UVU and BYU Game

As soon as Katie's game against Chiawana was over, Kirt and Garret headed off for Utah. (We took 2 cars to the game, and Katie and I drove back to Spokane after her game).  They drove to Mountain Home that night and spent the night.  They got up Saturday morning and drove the rest of the way to Utah.  They got to UVU just in time for the UVU vs Grand Canyon basketball game.  They got to talk to the coaches and a tour of the facilities after the game.  After that they went on a tour of Provo. They went to the Provo City Temple, past the 1st house that Kirt and I bought, and to BYU campus.  Then they went to the BYU vs Gonzaga game.  BYU is ranked 23rd and Gonzaga is ranked number 2.  BYU beat Gonzaga 91-78.  It was a huge upset.  The crowd stormed the floor at the end of the game.  Garret had decided that he could cheer for BYU so he was excited that they won.  (He has decided that GU is going to cream BYU in the WCC tournament though.)  After the game they stayed the night at Joel Peterson's house in Saratoga Springs.  They drove home Sunday.  It was a huge adventure. 

Welcome to Utah!
Lunch at In and Out Burger
UVU game

Meeting UVU head coach and former NBA player Mark Madsen.
UVU locker room
 UVU practice gym
 UVU locker room

 Provo City Temple
 Kirt and I's 1st house
 Garret is pointing to the name of one of Kirt's ROTC buddies that died while serving our country
 The BYU Cougar

 The BYU vs Gonzaga game

 The crowd storming the floor after the big win
 Sonic on the way home in Idaho Falls