Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Monday, February 25, 2013

Halloween 2012

 Pumpkin carving at Grandma Greats
 Tanner did Homer Simpson
 Katie did the Eagle from the Avengers
 We went trick or treating with the Skidomores.  Tanner was a soccer player, Eli was Luigi, Max was Napolean Dynamite, Garret was Batman, and Shane was Harry Potter.
 Garret only changed costumes 3 times.  He was a pirate for weeks before Halloween around the house.  Then for the Halloween party at school, he wore a alligator costume.  And then for Halloween night, he was Batman. 
Katie was a 50's girl.

Garret's class field trips

 Garret's class went on a field trip to one of the farms at Greenbluff.  We got to go for a tractor ride, pick apples, got through a straw maze and see a big talking pumkin.
Garret's class also got to go to U-High and go trick or treating on Halloween.

Lake Powell

Kirt and I got to go to Lake Powell this September.  Kirt drove our boat all the way down from Spokane.  I flew down to Salt Lake and met him there.  It was very nice of him to not make me drive the whole way.  Our very generous friends the Peterson's let us spend the week with them on their house boat.  The Brusson's and the Jonas's joined us as well as Dave Frey and Darrel came too.  We had a very rainy day and boat trouble on Tuesday, but had beautiful weather the rest of the week.  We got lots of wake surfing in, and I can actually do it now!