Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Years Eve 2019

For New Years Eve, Kirt, Garret, and I went to the Cotton's house for their New Years Eve Party.  We were only there from 8-10:15.  I worked day shift and didn't get home until 7:30pm and then Jani had to work day shift the next day so she kicked us out at 10:15 so we celebrated New Years at 10.  When we got home from the Cotton's house, I went to bed and Kirt and Garret stayed up and watched the ball drop on TV. Katie went to the dance at the Valley Stake.  

Monday, December 30, 2019

Fun with Friends

Katie hung out with her friends Lilly Peterson and Esther Killinger.  They went to lunch at Red Robin and then went to Walmart and Pet Smart and goofed around. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Portland for Katie's Basketball

We went to Portland on Thursday, the day after Christmas, to watch Katie's high school team play basketball.  Katie had to ride over on the bus with her team.  On the drive over we stopped at the Cascade Locks and crossed the Bridge of the God's over the Columbia River.  It is the bridge you would cross when you are on the Pacific Crest Trail.  When we got to Portland, we checked into our hotel and then went to dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant.  On Friday we got up and went to watch Katie's team play at Franklin High School at 9am.  Katie played some awesome defense! After the game, Kirt, Garret, and I went to the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry).  It was super cool.  We got to go inside a submarine, play lots of brain teaser games, go in a planetarium, and see a really cool special exhibit called Exquisite Creatures by Christopher Marley.  We went to a really sketchy El Salvadorian restaurant that night, but it had really good food-our favorite pupusas. Saturday morning, Katie, Garret, and I went to the Nike Outlet store.  Then Kirt, Garret, and I went to the Clackamas Mall.  Kirt saw the movie Knives Out and Garret and I saw Jumangi 2.  Then we hung out at the mall for the rest of the afternoon and played games and walked around the mall.  We went to Chic-fil-A for dinner and then went to Katie's game.  Katie's team came back from being down 33-9 in the first quarter to almost winning the game.  They were up by 1 at the end of the 3rd quarter.  After the game, we drove home.  We didn't get home until 2am Sunday morning.  The team had a game on Sunday, but Katie came home with us since she doesn't play on Sunday. 

View from the Bridge of the Gods

Dinner at the Vietnamese restaurant 
Submarine that we got to tour.  It was a SS-581 named the USS Blueback 

Captains quarters
The boat was used to film the movie Hunt for Red October

Dive Dive!
The head (as they called the bathroom)
Sleeping bunks
The galley (kitchen)
Chemistry Lab
There were tons of brain teaser puzzles.  It was Garret's favorite part.
Exquisite Creatures by Christopher Marley

Ride at OSMI
El Salvadorian restaurant 

Nike Store-Go Gonzaga!

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas Eve and Christmas 2019

We had Christmas Eve at Jon and Michelle's house.  We had lots of food (Papa Murphy's Pizza, fruit pizza, cheese ball, Oreo balls, sugar cookies), played Bingo, did a gift exchange, acted out the Nativity, had a talent show, and opened our PJ's.  Poor Rachelle wasn't feeling well so Cam came alone with the kids.  

Playing Bingo
 Everyone holding up the gift they got in the gift exchange
 Acting out the Nativity Story

 Talent show
 PJ's (Michelle's family was DC super heros)
 Ender liked Maddie's PJ's
 All set up for Christmas morning 

 Sitting on the stairs waiting to open presents

 Garret got a Fitbit from Santa
 Katie got Airpods from Santa
 Garret wrapped Katie's present up in about 6 different boxes
 Then there was a scavenger hunt inside the smallest box
 They both got Gonzaga shirts from Grandma and Grandpa Christensen
 Katie got me a really cool scrapbook
 Katie gave Kirt one free hang out with her
 Katie got cool Nike shoes
 I got Kirt a back massager that uses a jigsaw
 Our cute PJ's. Garret and Kirt had matching
 And Katie and I had matching
 We had Christmas breakfast at our house.  Jon and Michelle and the Crandall's came.

 We got to talk to Tanner!
 We went to Star Wars on Christmas with the Crandall's