Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny things the kids do and say

Garret was out on a nature walk with his preschool class. His teacher gives them a brown paper bag to pick up things they see along the way that they like, like pine cones or leaves. Guess what Garret picks up on his walk? Garbage. I think my OCD for cleanliness is rubbing off on him.

Katie and Garret were playing in Katie's room the other day. Garret was dressing like and princess and twirling around. Katie said to him "You know you're not a princess. You're actually just an ugly little boy." Such sisterly love.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tanner broke his thumb

Tanner broke his thumb playing football. Luckily it was his left one. He was out for half of the football, he did get to play in the last game of the season. He was still able to play soccer. He just had to wrap a towel around his cast so he wouldn't hurt anyone if he hit them with it.