Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break fun in Kellogg Idaho

For spring break we took the kids to stay in Kellogg Idaho. Kirt and Tanner left early Thursday morning and went snowboarding at Silver Mountain. Silver Mountain is located at the top of a very long gondola ride that originates at in the city of Kellogg Idaho. They had a fun day snowboarding (see pictures below). Then Katie and Garret and I drove over that afternoon and meet them. We stayed the night at the Morningstar Lodge and went to the waterpark. We went Thursday night and then again Friday morning. Katie loved the lazy river, Tanner the flow rider (a make shift wave, he did boggie boarding and surfing on it), Garret loved the hot tub. Poor Garret is so cold blooded. He would go down one waterslide or around the lazy river once and would be totally blue. Then we would go warm he up in the hot tub.

Tanner snowboarding

Katie loses her 1st tooth

Katie pulled her first tooth all by herself. She was so excited to lose her 1st tooth. Unfortunately the tooth fairy has still not come and it has been almost 2 weeks. What a lame tooth fairy she has.

Garret still loves his swing

Tempos Concert at the Mall

Tanner is in an after school choir at school called the Tempos. They performed at the CV days at the mall. He and his friend Blake were in a number called the Pasta Song. Tanner was the waiter and he was serving Blake pasta. It was cute.