Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Monday, April 20, 2015

Garret's frog from school

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bumped, not once, but twice

On the way home from our cruise we were flying out of the Houston airport.  Our plane was over booked so Kirt went up and told them he would be bummed.  They said they needed 2 people so Kirt and Garret decided to stay in Houston.  I had to work and Tanner wanted to get back for baseball and Katie was just ready to be home.  At the last minute they approached us and said they really needed to bump one more person.  So Kirt told them they could bump Katie.  Katie was so upset.  I could hear her crying as Tanner and I are walking down the landing to board the plane.  She survived and the 3 of them hung out at the mall and went to a movie.  They gave them a free hotel that night and $800 a piece in airline vouchers.  They got up the next morning and flew to Salt Lake.  In Salt Lake they needed to bump 2 more people so Kirt and Garret stayed in Salt Lake for the day and Katie flew home alone.  For staying in Salt Lake for the day Garret and Kirt got another $1000 in airline credits a piece.  So in total they got $4400 in airline credits.  Thanks to Kirt and the kids, we have our spring break trip paid for next year!
 Hanging out in the mall in Houston.

Kirt and Garret at Temple Square.

 Kirt ran into his friend Chase Nielson

 The lady giving the tour at the conference center wanted to hire Garret because he really knew his stuff.

Monday, April 6, 2015


For Spring Break this year we went on a cruise with the Enloe family.  We were at sea Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Then we stopped in Roatan in Honduras on Wednesday, Belize City in Belize on Thursday and Cozumel in Mexico on Friday.  We had another day at sea on Saturday and were home early Sunday morning. 
Dave so kindly dropped us off at the ship.
 Katie and Garret waiting to get on the boat
 Carter and Garret
 The kids' room.  Garret's bed folded down from the ceiling.
 Katie and Olivia took pictures all over the boat

Garret eating an ice-cream cone.  There was a self serve soft ice cream machine on the boat.  The kids had lots of ice cream cones.

The girls got into our makeup
Eating is one of the best things to do on the boat.  The first night they didn't have a table big enough for all of us, so Katie and Olivia sat off by themselves at a table for 2.

 We ate lunch at this 50's burger place on day and the whole staff came out and danced for us.  Olivia, Garret and Carter got up and joined them.

 More eating!
Formal night at dinner
One of our favorite things to do on days we were at sea was to play games.  Our rooms happened to be on the 7th floor which was right by the library.  The kids would gather and play games.  They only got kicked out once for being too noisy.

Our other favorite past time on the boat besides eating and playing games was the flow rider.

We had a private session on the flow rider one night.  It still wasn't enough. (I don't think the boys could ever have had enough.)

 Ice skating.  Katie was pretty good.  Garret not so much.

Rock Climbing Wall

The best show by far was the Beatles tribute band. 
 Garret fell asleep on my lap one night during a show.
In Roatan we went zip lining.  Then we went and swam at a beautiful beach.

 The guide zip lining with Garret, Carter, Olivia and Katie all at once.
 Carter and Garret

 The beach after zip lining. Bought the food from the venders on the beach.

In Belize we went 4 wheeling and cave tubing (don't have any pictures of the cave tubing).

In Cozumel we went snuba diving.  It's like scuba but you don't have a tank on your back.  You have a regulator that is attached to a 25 foot long hose that is attached to a air tank that floats on a raft at the surface.  Garret and I had a hard time breathing with the regulator, but Katie and Olivia were pros.  We went in 2 groups Kirt, Garret, Katie, Olivia, and me then Eric, Tanner, Jackson, Hayden and Carter went.