Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Playing Games with Garret

Garret and I played Settlers, Rummikub, and Ticket to Ride, and he beat me at all three (hence the W). 

Liberty Lake Hike

Mady, Olivia, and Katie went hiking on the Liberty Lake Trail.  They didn't make it the whole loop, but they still had lots of fun (and took lots of pictures).

Monday, July 29, 2019

Olivia's 16th Birthday Party

Katie's Crazy Hair

Katie was reading on the trampoline and her hair got super staticy.

Katie Practicing Basketball

Katie is determined to improve her basketball skills this summer so she has been practicing every day.  She either practices at our house or goes to the court at Kirt's office.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Perfect Lake Days

The lake was just perfect this week.  It was 90 degrees, sunny, no wind.  The lake was so clam and clear and no one was there. Michelle and I went to the lake on Tuesday.  Katie brought her friend Mary Gubler.  My friend Liz Thornton came with her daughter Macy and Macy brought her friend Fiona Wherity.  Sadie had also brought her friend Helen.  It turned out that Fiona and Helen were cousins.  Small world.  Then I went back out the lake on Friday with the kids.  Katie brought Olivia Tolley.  The Fry's, Zapalac's and Celeste Osborn's came out.  Katie is getting really good at giving tube rides to people behind the jet ski. Kirt came out about 3:30pm and my friends all left at 4:30pm.  After they left, we had dinner and then went wake surfing.  I had to go home because I had to work Saturday day shift.  Olivia rode home with me.  The kids and Kirt stayed at the lake.  Saturday morning, Kirt and Garret went for a bike ride.  The map showed that there was a trail all around the lake, but at one point the trail was super small and pretty much disappeared so they had to walk their bikes for a while.  They went wake surfing after they got back.  Then they met me a Cafe Rio for dinner on their way back from the lake when I was done with work. 
 Katie and Mary Gubler
 Olivia Tolley and Lucy Osborn
 Lucy Osborn and Kendyll Fry
 Megan Zapalac and Olivia Tolley
 Katie, Lucy Osborn, and Kendyll Fry
 Olivia and Katie
Becca Osborn and Auston Fry

Video of Garret wake surfing

Video of me wake surfing

 Katie, Garret and I all have crocs.  Katie's are white, mine are black, and Garret's are blue
 Saturday morning bike ride
 This is the trail that they had to walk their bikes on because it pretty much disappeared 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

More Temple Baptisms

Katie, Garret, and Olivia went to the temple and did baptisms for the dead!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

YM/YW service project

The youth in our ward helped Dan and Tara Parks clean up their yard for our activity tonight.  They did an awesome job and worked really hard.  

 Look at all the bags they filled up with pine needles and leaves

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Huge Storm

There was a huge thunder and lightening storm on Tuesday night.  It was super cool to watch, but it caused havoc on our yard.  There were so many leaves and tree branches down that it took Katie, Garret, and I 3 hours each to clean it up.  We filled our yard waste bin full, plus the Crandall's and the Fry's.  Katie and Garret worked so hard and didn't even complain thought.  They were awesome!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Church History Trip Day 11

Saturday we came home.  It was a long day.  We were supposed to leave at 5:30pm.  We had a lazy morning and were just leaving the hotel at 11 to go brunch and then see Toy Story 4, when we got a text that our plane was delayed 2 hours.  We only had a 45 minute layover in Minneapolis so this meant that we would for sure miss our connection.  So we luckily were able to get on a flight that was leaving at 1:15pm.  It unfortunately was delayed until about 4, but we got to Minneapolis still with plenty of time to get our connection.  Our connection was delayed for an hour too so we didn't get home until 10:30pm.  Then someone accidentally took one of suitcases (they looked the same). So we had to track them down and get our suitcase.  But a least we made it home.  It is good to be home.  

Katie and Garret being silly at Wendy's
Garret thought the name of the dog in The Wizard of Oz was Tido instead of Todo.  So he and Katie made this funny movie as they were crossing from Kansas into Missouri. 
Kirt took the kids for a drive this morning to Kansas.  We were only about 10 miles away so he took them there so they could visit one more state on our trip. 
 Start of trip 11,601 miles on the odometer of our car
 13,336 miles on the odometer of our car at the end of the trip. 1,735 miles driving in 10 days.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Church History Trip Day 10

Friday we got up and drove to see the sites in Missouri.  We went to Adam-Ond-Ahman.  This is the place where the Garden of Eden was.  The saints never actually lived here.  They did stake out corner stones for a temple and the stakes are still there.  There is also a rock that is supposed to be the rock that Adam prayed at when he was cast out of the Garden of Eden.  Then we went to Far West.  They went here after they were driven out of Independence.  The corner stones of the temple are still there and a monument, but that is all that is left.  Then on to Independence.  There is a LDS visitors center there on one corner, the crazy Community of Christ Temple with the spiral on one corner, the Temple Lot owned by other church-the Church of Christ (this is where we placed our temples corner stones, but they have now been removed and it is just a grassy field.) On the 4th corner is a huge meeting center for the Community of Christ.  We went into the visitors center and learned about the history of the church in Independence.  Then we went to Liberty Jail.  It is a reproduction on the jail, but it was still cool to see the size of it and how miserable it would have been for them to be in that small, cold, and damp place for almost 4 months.  

Welcome to Missouri

 Adam Ondi-Ahman

 It was 105 with the humidity index
 Possible alter where Adam offered sacrifices after being cast out of the Garden of Eden

 Far West
 Prophecy Fulfilled
 Cornerstone of the temple in Far West
 Temple site owned by the Church of Christ.  This is the place where the cornerstones of the temple were placed.  They have now been removed, but we know that there will be a temple here in the future.
 Community of Christ Temple
 Community of Christ Auditorium 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Visitor Center

 Liberty Jail