Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Monday, April 8, 2013

CV Hall of Fame

 We received the award before the start of one of the CV girls basketball games.

 Lisa Lentz, Kristen Hepton, Regan McClement, Me, Aimee Turner, Coach Judy, Coach Poffenroth (Poff), Jacque Clark and Tanya Kirk.
 The plaque hanging on "The Wall of Fame".
My1993 high school basketball team was inducted into the Central Valley High School Hall of Fame.  This was the year that we were 29-0 and won the state basketball tournament.

Christmas 2012

 The traditional acting out of the birth of Jesus.  (I invited a lady that I visit teach.  Her name is Patty McElfish.)

 PJ's on Christmas Eve and PJ's on Christmas morning

Playing on the electric scooter and pogo stick that they got for Christmas.

Katie's piano recital

Katie had another faboulos piano recital.  She is learning so much on the piano.  We love her piano recitals because we get to hear all she has learned and because they are short and sweet because she is the only student that her wonderful teacher Karen Hawkins teaches!

Garret's Kindergarten Christmas Program

Santa's Lap

Santa came to our ward primary Christmas party and then he showed up at our house.  Santa you are the best! 

Thanksgiving trip to Vernal

Sam, Cindy, Nicole 18, Megan 16, Brooke 14, Travis 9
Kirt, Emily, Tanner 12, Katie 8, Garret 5

Dave, Kari, Cayden 13, Trevor 11, Riley 8
Brad, Marci, Bryson 11, Sienna 9, Davis 6, Evan 2
Ben, Tami, Mason 7, Camden 5, Avery 1
Aaron, Kim, Jayna 2
Brett and Kristie
Kyle and Lindsey
Mark and Lacey

The whole family!
 Everyone loved playing Minecraft.  Mark had keys to the high school and so everyone went over there so they could play at the same time on the schools computers.

  Dinosaur Query at Dinosaur National Monument in Jensen UT.

 The boys all went shooting.

 Kirt took the kids to Vernal Days.
We went to Fairmont Hot Springs in Montana on the way home from the trip.