Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, September 11, 2020

Kirt and Garret's 1st Bike Packing Ride

Kirt and Garret went on a 3 day 110 mile bike packing trip on the Palouse to Cascades Trail. They rode from North Bend to Vantage which is just on the west side of the Columbia River. Pompa drove them over to North Bend (about 10 miles east of Seattle) on Thursday where they started the trail.  They rode 10 miles Thursday evening and camped along the trail.  They rode 49 miles on Friday and 54 miles on Saturday.  They reached Vantage on Saturday evening where they had left a car and rode home.  Thanks Pompa for driving them.  It's 4 hour ride to North Bend and then a 4 hour ride back.  Plus he got stopped on the freeway for over 2 hours.  (Side note, they were going to ride from Tekoa to the east side of the Columbia which was about 210 miles, but there was a big fire in central Washington and Madlin, one of the towns they were going to stop in, burned down.)

Start of the trail.  They rode 10 miles, the last 5 it was pretty dark which was sad because there was lots of cool scenery, but it was too dark for pictures. 

Rattlesnake Lake

Campground Thursday night.  Friday morning they got up and had cliff bars and hot chocolate.  They biked 49 miles on Friday. 

Purifying water with a UV light in Alice Creek
This is not the biking trail, just a hiking trail that branched off from the biking trail.

This was a 2 mile tunnel

Avalanche Lake

Snack break in Easton Washington
Yakima River

Dinner at Smokey's-yummy BBQ food

Swimming in the Yakima River
Friday night campground
Saturday they rode 54 miles.  It was smokey on Saturday from all the fires.

Fruit stand in Thorpe Washington

Central Washington University campus

Dinner in Kittitas at Mi Ranchito 

They couldn't go along the RR track trail right here because it was condemned. 

There was a tunnel that was blocked off so they had to go over it, and it was 5 miles of sandy trail that was all uphill.  It was the worst part of the trail. 

Columbia River (look how smokey it is).