Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Geocaching Easter Egg Hunt

Grammy and uncle Jon put together an Easter Egg hunt for the kids using geocaching. (She is really into geocaching in case you didn't know this.) She wrote a rhyming clue for the kids and they had to find and easter egg. Then inside each easter egg there were latitude and longitude cooridinates to find the next clue. The kids put the cooridinates in the GPS machine and then we had to drive somewhere. When we got to the next place, Grammy read another rhyming clue that lead to another egg with coordinates and so on and so forth. I think Grammy had more fun than anyone, but the kids thought it was pretty cool.
The 1st clue was in Grammy and Pompa's front yard. The egg was buried in Grammy's flower bed.

This clue lead us to the stake center where the egg was hiding in a tree.
Then from there we were lead to the kids school. They found a clue buried in the rocks by the play ground toys.

Reading the cooridinates found in the egg at the school and programing them in the GPS machine.
The next clue was found in the woods up by an old Christmas tree. Katie found the x that marked the spot to find the easter egg.

The final clue was found here. It lead us back to Grammy and Pompa's house. There was an Easter egg hunt with candy and money instead of geocaching clues once we got there.

Checking out their spoils. Thanks Grammy and Jon. This was lots of fun.


The Chamberlain Family said...

What a fun family activity!!!