Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spear Family Reunion

We had our Spear family reunion at an awesome cabin on Lake Roosevelt up near Kettle Falls. Everyone got to come. It was so fun. Especially when we played charades and the clapping counting game. My mom wanted us to play this game where you clapped and counted and changed direction everytime a number had a 7 in it or was a multiple of 7. Anyway none of us wanted to do it. So one evening my mom and dad had run to make phone calls (we had no cell reception at the cabin) and we heard them coming back and we started playing the game. She was so mad when she walked in because we were playing the game without her. She didn't even realize that we were playing a joke on her.

Kirt wakeboarding!

Ryan gave Jessy and I a ride out to the boat so that we could watch Kirt and Josh wakeboard. Aren't we cozy looking?

Tanner wakeboarding

Katie attempting to waterski. It didn't go so well.

Garret loved to pull around this suitcase of Cody's. He would scream if anyone tried to take it away, which Cody just tried to do right before this picture was taken.

Me wakeboarding. This might be the only picture you ever see of me wakeboarding so enjoy.

Right after we got there, Grammy let Kathleen and Tanner go out on the jet ski all by themselves. Angela and I were like, what were you thinking Grammy. They are only 9 and 6.

Spear family wiffle ball. We had a hard time finding somewhere to play because the water was so high and there were no beaches.

Garret would cry anytime someone left on the jet ski without him. He loves riding the jet ski. He is sitting here right now as I post this saying "I ride jet ski, I ride jet ski" over and over.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Garret Dresses Himself

Earlier this summer, Garret brought me this outfit and wanted me to dress him in it. He has quite the fashion sense doesn't he.