Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Trip to Utah

The yellow house in the back ground is Kirt's grandma and grandpa Christensen's house.
This is Kirt's Grandpa Christensen's grave. The kids really got into learning about their ancestors on this trip.

We decided last minute to go to Utah to see Kirt's family over Memorial Day. His mom and dad were there plus 6 of his 8 siblings plus it was the Christensen family reunion (Kirt's dad's parents and all their kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids). It was a really fast trip. We left Thursday at 5pm and were home Sunday at 8pm. I think we were in the car more than we were not. It was good to see grandma and grandpa and the rest of the family.


Madsen Family said...

yeah for an update and pictures. i, for one, am super excited about the boat. i'm so glad that i get to be your sister so that i get to benefit from all your fun toys (like a pool and a boat and jet skis). can't wait to see you, sista. so soon!

Krista said...

Wow, LONG drive!! Hope the kids were good. Oh and I love Garretts Birthday cake and your new boat is sweet. When should we expect a Holding- Spear test run? ;)

Marci said...

Someday you'll have to just keep driving and make it to Colorado!!