Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Monday, November 15, 2010

Is that how you Bowl?

I took the kids bowling last week and Garret was an absolute crack up. He would roll the ball back in forth between his legs several times and then push it down the lane. It would roll with barely enough speed to make it to the pins and the whole time it was rolling down, he would dance. Usually he would fall down at the end of his dance since the floor is so slippery.

Halloween Pictures

Tanner-Soccer player

Time for a new costume?

I was taking Tanner and his friend Max to scouts the Tuesday before Halloween. I asked Max what he was going to be for Halloween and he told me that he was going to be a Mad Scientist. Then Garret said "my mom is going to be a witch" to which Max quickly replied "as usual". This is my 8th year being a witch. Apparently it is time for a new costume because even the neighbor boy knows that I have been a witch for the last few years.

Trick or Treating at U-high

I took Garret and Nixon Trick or Treating at U-high, the high school by our house. The students bring candy and stand outside their classrooms and hand it out as the kids go around the halls. Nixon refused to wear his costume, but he didn't refuse the candy. He was in heaven. It was hard to keep him walking to the next classroom because he wanted to stop and eat his candy. We met up with Garret's friend Tucker and he was Spider Man too.

Pumpkin carving at Grandma Greats