Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, May 27, 2011

Camping at Naborlee

We went camping over Memorial Day at camp Naborlee which is where our stake goes to girls camp every year. The Clark family came with us. We got to camp for free if we helped clean up the camp.

The water was 70 feet lower than normal. This area is usually covered in water.

Cleaning the camp

Katie was reading one of the Diary of a Wimpy kids books and read the whole time.

Roasting marshmellows

Monday, May 16, 2011

Garret's 4th birthday

Garret got to have his 1st friend birthday party. He had it at Chuck E. Cheese. He was in heaven. He had a family party on Sunday, a friend party on Monday (his actual birthday) and then they had a party for him at school on Tuesday. I had a baby shower for my friend on Wednesday and he thought that that party was for him too. Garret got a Build a Bear with a Darth Vader outfit on and Legos Pirates of the Caribbean for the XBOX.

Garret's Build a Bear "Beary"

Blowing out his birthday candles

Birthday Party at Chuck E. Cheese

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swimming in the Green Pool

Kirt told the kids that if they were good helpers with our cleaning projects yesterday that we could take the winter cover off the pool and they could go swimming. We took the cover off and the pool was a lovely shade of green and probably about 50 degrees. Did this stop the kids from swimming? Of course not. They are absolutely crazy.

My 3rd Half Marathon May 14, 2011

We hadn't really trained for the run this year, but decided that it would be a nice Saturday run along the Centennial Trial and that we would just run/walk the race. We started and felt pretty good so we just kept going. We finished in just 5 minutes slower than we had done in last years race. That is great for this year, but what does it say about last year when we had trained a ton. I like the idea of just running it without training because if I'm not going to get any faster why run so much every weekend.  Last year before the race I think we ran at least 8-8 miles runs, 4-10 miles runs and 1-12 mile run. This year I hadn't run more than 5 miles since before Christmas. Oh well. At least I am out there running, but I am definitely not fast.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Build a Bears (that are not bears)

Katie got a Build a Bear for her birthday, the bunny, and named her Alex. She saved all of her birthday money plus her allowance and just bought the dog from Build a Bear and named her Lauren.  They go everywhere with her.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Have Some Sass

This morning I hear Tanner trying to get Katie to help him do something. He says to her "Katie I love you." Katie's response "That's not going to work Tanner."