Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New York City Day 3

Thursday we went downtown to the financial district. We saw Ground Zero and walked part way across the Brooklyn Bridge. Then we ventured into China Town and had some great Chinese food for lunch. After that we went to the Statue of Liberty. That night we met some friends from College, Matt and Kendra Cope and their 2 girls, in Central Park. It was great to catch up with them. Tanner, Garret and I went back to the apartment while Kirt and Katie had a date in Times Square. Katie wanted to go souvenir shopping. They also had hot cocoa and found a Toys R Us that had a ferris wheel inside it.

Ground Zero
Katie was so grouchy, we just had to capture the moment
Brooklyn Bridge
The Empire State Building is in the background. For some reason Garret decided that he wanted to be a "Statue of Liberty" in a lot of these pictures.
Katie and Garret didn't want Chinese food so we bought them a hot dog from a street vendor.
Eating in China Town

The Statue from the ferry

Garret's Statue of Liberty pose

The Statue of Liberty

Looking at Manhattan Island near the financial district

Looking up inside the Statue of Liberty

Up on the platform base of the Statue of Liberty

Statue replica

Actual size of the Statue's foot

Inside the pedestal of the Statue

Kendra and I in Central Park

Kids in Central Park

Kirt and Katie on their date to Times Square

Katie and Kirt were on the jumbotron in Times Square

The ferris wheel inside Toys R Us

Riding the Ferris Wheel