Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Fun

The kids were trying to get Katie on Tanner's shoulders and Garret on Katie's shoulders.  Max Skidmore was being a good sport and trying to help. (July 20th)

 The kids and I floated down the Spokane River.  It was quite and adventure.  First off the pump that I had brought would not work to blow up the tubes, so Kirt went down the gas station a mile away and pumped them up and then begged a ride from some people with a truck to bring them back.  2nd, the river was so slow this time of year that it took forever to float down.  We put in at Barker and were going to float to Mirabeau Park.  We had already been floating for over 3 hours when we got to Sullivan so we got out there and asked some nice people if we could use their cell phone to call Kirt to come rescue us.  Plus about half was down the sun went behind the clouds and it got cold.  Next time, I will be more prepared and I won't go without Kirt.  (July 31st)