Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Monday, August 18, 2014

York Family Reunion 2014

We had a York Family Reunion the 14th, 15th and 16th of August.  Grandma and Grandpa York, Connie and Vance and kids and grandkids, Marilyn and Ervin and kids and grandkids, and Rick and Becky.  Everyone was there except Kari and Dave and their kids.  Thursday we floated down the Green River (just the Christensen's), Friday the kids played Mind Craft in the morning and we played at the Remember the Maine Park.  We had dinner and everyone had a fun time catching up.  We played the baby picture game where we guessed whose baby pictures where whose, and a game to see who knew grandma and grandpa York the best (questions and answers at the bottom of this post). Saturday morning we had breakfast at the park.  Then we did family pictures and went for a hike to see some hieroglyphics.  We played some fun Minute to Win it games and had lunch.  The boys went shooting Saturday afternoon.  There was lots of fun game playing in the evenings too.  Sunday we went to church with Vance and Connie.  They got to report their mission in church.  The grandkids sang I am a Child of God for the closing song.  They sang the 1st verse in English and the 2nd verse in Danish.  We headed home after church and stayed the night in Dillion MT.
Eating breakfast in Dutch John
Tanner and Katie in the bunk bed at the cabin we stayed in at Dutch John
Floating down the Green River

Taking a break from floating to cliff jump

 Playing Mind Craft in uncle Mark's classroom at Uintah High
 The whole York Family except for the Hatch family
 Grandma and Grandpa York
 Grandma and Grandpa York and their 3 kids-Connie, Rick and Marilyn
Spouses Connie and Vance Christensen, Marilyn and Ervin Hunt, Becky and Rick York
 Grandma and Grandpa Christensen
 Sam, Cindy, Nicole 20, Megan 18, Brooke 15, Travis 11
Kirt, Emily, Tanner 14, Katie 10, Garret 7
Brad, Marci, Bryson 13, Sienna 11, Davis 8, and Evan 4
Ben, Tami, Camden 9, Mason 7, Avery 3, and Owen 10 months
Aaron, Kim, Jayna 4 and Calvin 1
 Brett and Kristie
Kyle, Lindsey and Korinne 8 months
Mark, Lacey and Lenna 9 months

Hiking to the Hieroglyphics 
Playing cards
Minute to win it game.  Who could eat the sour patch kids buried in the whip cream 1st
Trying to catch water balloons being launched from a water balloon launcher
Minute to win it game, who could keep their balloon from being popped
Garret and Travis
Emily and Korinne
Bryson found a snake
 Playing games
 Lindsey and Lacey crashed after staying up late visiting

 Boys out shooting
Questions asked to Grandpa and Grandma Christensen (Grandpa's answer 1st, Grandma's 2nd)

1. Where were you born? Vernal, Roosevelt
2. Where did you meet? High School
3. How many siblings did you have? 2,3
4. Water is your favorite past time? They both liked to water ski when they were younger, Golf, Play Piano
5. What was your favorite place to live? Vernal, Vernal
6. What foreign country did they almost move to? Iran
7. Who was their favorite actor/actress? Gary Cooper, Betty Grable
8. What is your favorite vacation spot? Vernal, Vernal
9. When were they married? May 15, 1948, Sealed May 21, 1988
10? What is your favorite food? Mexican, Doesn't really like food

We asked grandpa what he 1st noticed about grandma and he said that she had a faster car than him.