Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Birthday Katie

This is the list that Katie gave me for her birthday weekend celebration.  Unfortunately things didn't quite go as she planned.  She did get to go to Altitude on Friday, but her friend Mady was sick so it wasn't as fun.  We didn't go skiing on Saturday because Garret had basketball games, but she did get to go on Tuesday thanks to our snow day.  We did have her family birthday dinner and cake on Sunday.  She opened her birthday presents Sunday night because she had to get up early Monday. Monday, her actual birthday was not as she planned at all.  She had to go to Pasco with the basketball team for a game.  She did get to play for a whole 1 minute and 44 seconds though so that was good.  And I did go down to the game so she could ride home with me and not on the bus.  Then that night, she had to go to an AAU basketball tryout that totally stressed her out.  Not exactly the birthday she was planning on.  Welcome to real life Katie. 

 Froyo before going to the basketball tryout.