Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Friday, August 29, 2008

Family days at the lake

My siblings were all here for a few days around labor day weekend. We went to the lake on Wed. and Fri. We left of few of our things to save our spot on the beach when we left Wed. night like our beach chairs, a tent, a table and our tubes. When we got back on Fri. morning all of our stuff was gone except for a few of the baby things. We couldn't believe that people would actually steal our stuff. We had a great day at the beach despite this. My mom was pretty upset that the tubes were gone because she knows how much the grand kids love to tube. So she and my dad were going to buy some. They got a half an hour down the road and were making some phone calls and nobody really had any tubes left in stock. So they turned around and came back. They had a half and hour or so still before we were going to come and pick them up at the dock so my mom went around asking people at the Porcupine camp ground if we could borrow there tubes for a few hours. Some nice people took pity on her and let us use 2 of there tubes. So the kids got tube rides after all. What a Grammy they have. We had fun jumping off the rock, playing home run derby (hitting the wiffle ball into the water), and wake boarding. (I hope you all enjoy those pictures of my sister Jessy because she probably won't speak to me for a while after she sees them.)


Jeff and Erika Mitchell said...

Man I miss those days going with you guys. What fun! I can't believe you got your stuff stolen. Honestly, who would do that?