Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Need Some Underpanties

Garret is a little confused. His sister wears panties and his brother wears underwear. He apparently wears underpanties.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt and Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs at Grammy's house

Hunting Easter eggs at Grammy's house

Counting the eggs so we could make sure that we found them all.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Acorn Award

Kirt made me put this post on. He says I have to blog my life too. I have been the PTA president at the kids school for the past 2 years. The members of the PTA at the school gave me a PTA award called the Acorn Award for my years of service.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New York City Day 3

Thursday we went downtown to the financial district. We saw Ground Zero and walked part way across the Brooklyn Bridge. Then we ventured into China Town and had some great Chinese food for lunch. After that we went to the Statue of Liberty. That night we met some friends from College, Matt and Kendra Cope and their 2 girls, in Central Park. It was great to catch up with them. Tanner, Garret and I went back to the apartment while Kirt and Katie had a date in Times Square. Katie wanted to go souvenir shopping. They also had hot cocoa and found a Toys R Us that had a ferris wheel inside it.

Ground Zero
Katie was so grouchy, we just had to capture the moment
Brooklyn Bridge
The Empire State Building is in the background. For some reason Garret decided that he wanted to be a "Statue of Liberty" in a lot of these pictures.
Katie and Garret didn't want Chinese food so we bought them a hot dog from a street vendor.
Eating in China Town

The Statue from the ferry

Garret's Statue of Liberty pose

The Statue of Liberty

Looking at Manhattan Island near the financial district

Looking up inside the Statue of Liberty

Up on the platform base of the Statue of Liberty

Statue replica

Actual size of the Statue's foot

Inside the pedestal of the Statue

Kendra and I in Central Park

Kids in Central Park

Kirt and Katie on their date to Times Square

Katie and Kirt were on the jumbotron in Times Square

The ferris wheel inside Toys R Us

Riding the Ferris Wheel

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New York City Day 2

Wednesday we had an adventure. Garret somehow managed to lock the door of the room that he and Tanner we sleeping in. I had taken out their suitcase to get them dressed that morning, but their shoes were locked inside the room. We called the management company and they said that would probably not get it unlocked until later that afternoon. So Jessy took Will and Katie to a playground in Central Park while Tanner and I went on an adventure through NY City to find new shoes for Garret and he. (Tanner wore Kirt's shoes on the adventure while Kirt and Garret stayed in the apartment.) We finally found shoes. Then we ventured up to the Natural History Museum. Afterwards we took a pedicab and had a tour of Central Park. We played in a playground. We also did some geocaching. We found a cach that had something in it all the way from Germany. Jessy and Will took the train home that night. They had had enough of us:) Kirt and I went to dinner with some friends of his, Yorg and Alena at a Moroccan restaurant. 

Natural History Museum

Pedicab ride in Central Park

Garret in Central Park 


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New York City Day 1

Tuesday morning we got up and took the AmTrak down to NY city. Jessy and Will came with us. Josh had to stay and work. After we got there, we checked into our apartment (we sublet a 3 bedroom apartment on 49th street right near Times Square). We went to lunch at a fun NY pizza parlor. They were playing Michael Jackson videos the whole time we ate and the kids were jamming while they ate. Then we went to the Empire State Building. We got to go to the 86th and the 102nd floors. The view was incredible. After that we took the kids to the famous toy store, FAO Schwartz. We walked back to our apartment through Rockefeller Center and saw the ice skating rink.

On the train. Garret was being a worm. He was sitting by Kirt and driving Kirt crazy.  Kirt told Garret that he would give him a dollar if he would close his eyes and take a nap. Garret laid down and immediately fell asleep. That is by far the best dollar I have ever spent.

Our apartment in NY City

Pizza Parlor listening to Michael Jackson
View from the Empire State Building

FAO Schwartz Toy Store. You could view the whole store from here.

The famous piano from Big

Katie and a Lego Chewbacca and C-3PO

Rockefeller Center ice skating rink

more rink

Rockefeller Center