Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, March 30, 2019

China Day 4

Today we went to the Shanghai Museum.  It was a huge museum.  We don't love museums, so we didn't make it through all of it.  We made it about 2 hours before we had to bail, but we enjoyed what we did see.  Then we went to People's Square Park and walked around.  After that we went to the Tianzifang neighborhood.

On the way to the museum, we stopped and got jianbing, a folded crepe type thing with veggies and meat in it.
Outside of Shanghai Museum

Buildings opposite of the Shanghi Museum

 Escalators in the Shanghai Museum 
Clothing and Textile wing of the museum

 There were lots of school aged children sitting on the floor drawing the clothing.  Some of them were really talented.

 The jade wing

 The coin wing.  Yes those weird shaped things are coins.

 Ming and Quig furniture wing

 Sculpture wing

People's Square Park
 In the park every Saturday, mom's line the walkways with their umbrellas.  On their umbrellas is a resume about their sons.  They are trying to find a wife for their sons.

 All the trees were blooming and they were so beautiful!
 You could rent a costume and dress up in the park for pictures
 Garret joined a group of people doing what looked like interpretive dance of some form.
 He also played basketball with some boys in the park.
 Some interesting instruments that were being played in the park.
 Their power lines were all over the place.

Tianzifang neighborhood.  It had shops and food stalls.

Garret buying his James Harden bobble head.
Sugarcane juice.  It was disgusting. Kirt liked it of course.

Super long french fries with Thai sauce on them.
Yummy Chinese food dinner.