Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Cruise Day 5

Wednesday we were in Curaçao. We all got on an old school bus with the windows taken out and went on a tour of the island. We drove to see some flamingos. They have lots of them on the island. We went to a place that has a same cave that we went in. Then we drove to a place that always has a lot of turtles in the water and we got to swim with the turtles. It was super cool. We saw a bunch of them. And the water is so clear. Then we went to a place where we could jump off a cliff. Only some of the boys did it-Kirt, Mark, Kyle, and Brett. It was about 40 feet high. Then we rode and went swimming at 2 other beaches. There was some snorkeling at both of them but it wasn’t super good.

Our tour bus

 Place with the cave

 Going into the cave
 In the cave

 Beach with the turtles
Swimming with turtles.  It was so cool!
 Cliff jumping

 1st snorkeling beach

2nd snorkeling beach