Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Cruise Day 6

Thursday we were in Bonaire. We took a boat from Bonaire to another small island called the No Name island and went snorkeling. We dropped our stuff on a beach on the island then got back on the boat and they took us about 2 miles up shore from the beach and we jumped out and snorkeled back to the beach. We were only about 15-20 feet off shore and there was a reef that ran parallel to the shore for about 2 miles. We just kind a drifted and looked at some pretty fish and coral for about an hour and then we got back to the beach. It was fun. Everybody did that except Kari, Mark, Kyle, Brett and Kristie because they went scuba diving instead. They are all scuba certified. Kirt was looking for some pop and we stumbled on the parade on the promenade. After dinner we played Star Wars trivia. We had a boys and girls team and the boys team won. Mark knew a lot of random Star Wars trivia. We played 80's name that tune. Then we went to a magic show.  That was followed by the Love and Marriage game show. 

View of Bonaire from the ship

Boat we rode out to the island to snorkel


Ice cream in Bonaire

Parade on the ship

Sam dancing at dinner
Star Wars Trivia
Love and Marriage Game Show