Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Cruise Day 8

Saturday was St Marteen.  Kari, Marci, Brad, Tami, Ben, Aaron, Kim, Kirt, and I went and did the Big 3. There was a big slide that you rode down a tube on, 4 short zip lines, then a super long and steep zip line that you sat in like a swing to zip line down the entire mountain. It was kind of disappointing because it had a brake on it that slowed you down. It didn’t seem to go very fast. The views from the top were amazing though. We rode a ski lift up to the top to do the zip lines. You could see the whole island and it was a really pretty island. After we did that we went and joined the others at Maho beach. This beach is right by the airport and when the planes land, they fly right over you when you are in the water. And then when they take off, the jet stream is so strong that it can knock you over. It is like a 100 mile and hour wind. It was cool to watch. That night after dinner we played 90’s name that tune. Your dad was super good and knew a lot of the answers. Then we had to go to the room and pack up to leave early Sunday morning. 
 Aaron, Kim, and Kari riding the lift up the mountain

 Zip line

 Views from the top of the mountain

 Big zip line down the mountain

 Maho beach

Cooks and waiters singing for us at dinner
 90's name that tune