Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Africa Day 8

We had a very long day of driving today.  We started the day in Lesotho, drove to South Africa and then to Swaziland.  Swaziland is another small country surrounded mostly by South Africa.  We drove for a total of about 11 hours.  We had quite the adventure when crossing from Lesotho back into South Africa.  When we were crossing into Lesotho from South Africa 3 days earlier, we had our passports stamped when we were leaving South Africa, but failed to get them stamped when we entered Lesotho.  There were no signs, and no one stopped us at the border and asked to see our passports, so we just drove on through.  When we presented our passports at the departure office in Lesotho, they noticed that we didn’t have any entry stamps.  They said that we would have to pay $100 fine back in the capital city.  We really didn’t want to pay the fine or go back to the capital city, so Kirt spent the next 10 minutes sweet talking the guy to back stamp and entry stamp on our passports for us.  They guy finally did, and also stamped the exit stamp and we thanked him and ran before he could change his mind.  The rest of the day was a very long day of driving, but thankfully uneventful.
Kirt and Garret went to get drinks from the store.  As they were crossing the street this Bosotho man jumped out and yelled Boo!  Kirt said he thought Garret was going to pee his pants he was so scared. 

I guess we didn't take any more pictures on our long drive.