Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Africa Day 27

We drove to Etosha National Park in Nambia.  We stayed in a really nice hotel here.  Kirt had been really feeling bad for about 10 days, so when we got there I made him go to the Dr.  The nearest Dr. was about an hour away.  So while he went to the Dr. the kids and I played tennis, went to the health club and swam.  Kirt came back to from the Dr. and said the Dr. said his rapid malaria test was negative, (we diagnosed him with malaria after reading all of the symptoms of it online) but he said the antimalarial drug we were taking could has made the test a false negative.  So Kirt also had some blood drawn and we have to call the Dr. tomorrow to find out the results.  He still isn't feeling very good so Tanner, Katie and I went to dinner alone.  Garret wanted to stay with his dad.

Pictures of our fancy hotel room.
Strange deer like animal that was roaming the grounds at our hotel.  We could never determine what it was.  It's picture was not in any of the animal books that we had.