Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cruise Day 4

Tuesday we were in Aruba. In the morning we went to a really beautiful beach. Aruba has all kinds of pretty beaches. It was gorgeous white sand and clear blue water.  We swam a bunch. Then Kari, Marci, Brad, Kirt, and I went and did a 4 wheeling tour. It was fun but part of it was over really rocking ground and was so bumpy. We rode to a pretty view point that had a small church on it. Then we rode to a natural bridge made by the ocean. Then we rode to a small fort. They had gold on Aruba and built a fake fort to keep the pirates away. Then we rode to this little swimming hole made by the rocks. We were so happy to get into the water because it was so hot. Then we rode back and got on the ship. 

 This tree is famous because it is supposedly in all the brochure and online shots of Aruba.

 The island is super dry, only gets about 3 inches of rain a year, so it has cactus all over the island. Kind of a weird thing to see in an area that is considered tropical.