Christensen Family

Christensen Family

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cruise Day 9

Sunday we got up early and said goodbye. Then Tami, Ben, Marci, Brad, Brett, Kristie, Kari, Kirt, and I rented 2 cars. We went into the El Yunque National forest and did a short hike to a waterfall. Then we stopped for lunch at the kiosks and a view of Luquio Beach. Then we drove and took a ferry to the island of Vieques off of Puerto Rico. Kari didn’t come with us. She had to fly back early Monday morning. On the island we rented 2 gold carts and went and explored the island. We swam at Caracas beach. Then we drove over to the area called Esperanza and had dinner and met our tour for the Bioluminescence Bay. We rode glass bottom kayaks in the bay and saw the algae that glow when they are stirred up. It was super cool. There were tons of them and they glowed really brightly. We had to ride the golf carts back in the pouring rain to our hotel afterwards. It was an adventure. 

Waterfall in El Yunque National Forest

 Luquio Beach
 We made it to Vieques
 Riding around in the golf cart
 Caracas beach

 Bioluminescence Bay, the pictures didn't turn out well unfortunately but it was so cool!
This isn't our picture, but this is what it looked like.  Isn't it so cool!